Want A Better Personality? Go Travel


We are born coded with our own unique personalities, however, through life these traits change based on experiences, surroundings and the people we meet. There is a natural progression to the evolution of an individual’s personality. Change although, is not always a pleasant thing. The daily balancing act between work, life and all that which lies in between takes a lot out of the individual. With time and pressure, the individual begins to change in ways they never expected, or wanted, to change. Thankfully this change, to an extent, is something we can control.

Traveling, if not healing, shields the mind from the tedium of daily routine and breaks the pattern. It is something that pushes us past the hazy boundaries we set for ourselves and into the unexplored. It encourages us to become better people. It opens us up to accepting new experiences and different people. In a nutshell, traveling changes us for the better. In fact, recent research conducted by Julia Zimmer and Franz Neyer in Germany has also proven just that.

The reasons why travel enriches us as individuals are simple. A break from the daily routine can give us that much-needed respite required to keep going when we finally get back. It makes no matter whether you choose to hitchhike, backpack or take a catered-to tour, the sheer delight of experiencing something new and the anticipation of adventure is enough.

You Gain New Perspectives
Living in one place for a very long period of time allows you the time and leisure to start taking things for granted. Going to an unexplored location gives you none of that. It makes things like a home-cooked meal and your own easy-chair feel like luxuries. On a larger note, they allow you to see how those in an entirely different cultural setting are leading their lives and understand their trials and tribulations. It breeds empathy and gives you the opportunity to put things in perspective.

Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone Gets Easier
Travel pushes you into a world where most things are alien to you and makes you learn the fine art of acceptance. It coaxes you into becoming a student again and helps you look at the world with the wonder it so richly deserves.

The more you travel the easier it becomes to do new things. The fear of the unknown is the one thing we definitely leave behind while traveling. The unknown becomes more of a mad-cap friend who always brings with it some surprise or the other.

You Become Open to Meeting New People 
Nobody can travel in a vacuum. Going to different places forces you into interacting with different people, talking to them and getting to know them. Be it a five-star hotel or a youth hostel, you will encounter people. Truth be told, this is the best part about traveling: getting to know a complete stranger, and more importantly helping them get to know you. Making a new friend is one of the true highlights of traveling.

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