Unveiling The Wonders Of Manhattan’s Glorious Chinatown

View Of Columbus Park

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Manhattan is a beautiful spot in New York City that attracts millions of visitors worldwide. There are thousands of attractions here, and indisputably Chinatown is among the most appealing destinations for the locals as well as the tourists. Large population of Chinese immigrants here has ultimately led to the formation of the glorious Chinatown, which never fails to mesmerize the visitors with its beauty. There are all sorts of exotic wares and restaurants offering authentic Chinese cuisine. People are palpably excited to roam around the bustling narrow streets of Chinatown. Though even roaming around the streets offers great fun, still there are some hot favourite destinations among the tourists which are included here.

Museum Of Chinese

Designed by Maya Lin, this museum has become one of the prominent attractions of Chinatown, drawing flocks of tourists. They are left awestruck by the beautiful photographs and floating projections depicting the Chinese culture. Moreover, one could discover about the history of China, including the Chinese Exclusion Act, and Bruce Lee’s influence on the country, to name a few. There is no charge for entering the museum and one could stay there till 9 p.m.

Aji Ichiban

Commonly called Munchies Paradise, the place has come to be regarded as one of the prominent places to locate the best Asian snacks and candies. The candies are placed in clear bins which enables the visitors to have a clear look at the appearance of the candies. Moreover, one could taste things as well before buying them, and at the top of all this, one is not bound to buy the whole packet of sweets and could buy just a handful instead. So, all these things attract a lot of tourists to the place.

New Kam Man

One is straightaway enchanted by the expansive three stories of this grocery store that contains a plethora of items from a variety of regions all over the world. For instance, one could find a number of Japanese water boilers, Chinese porcelain, and all sorts of housewares. There is a place that serves roasted meats where one could have duck and pork that are chopped to one’s order. One could find all sorts of medicinal herbs as well at this place, and moreover, people who are fanatic about their looks never leave the third floor of the store as they find a wide variety of beauty supplies there.

Mahayana Buddhist Temple

Mahayana Buddhist Temple contains an astonishing golden Buddha that is 16 foot high. There is an expansive area here where people could sit, meditate and contemplate. Apart from that there is a gift shop as well at the second floor where people could simply acknowledge the artwork of crafted and gifted artists.

Columbus Park

Columbus Park is a happening place where one could learn a great deal about the Chinese culture. There are all sorts of people doing a variety of things there. There are performers of Chinese-operas, then there are residents engrossed in playing cards and mah-jongg, and then, there are folks practicing the skills of Kung Fu. Moreover, there are a lot of Chinese children there who enjoy playing various sorts of games like volleyball, soccer, and basketball in the Astroturf field.

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