Unravelling Top Class Spots In New York That Are A Must To Visit For Art Lovers


Art Pisces At Storm King Art Center

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People have always loved New York City for its magnetic charm. However, while most of the people are aware of its natural beauty, and availability of best facilities and infrastructure, the city is full of intriguing architectural sites that are a bonanza for art lovers. There is no dearth of day trips that take one to the incredible sites that are bedecked with unparalleled architecture and stunning artwork. People are always surprised to uncover such great exotic locations. Here are some of the top architectural spots in New York City that appeal the art lovers.

The Philip Johnson Glass House

The Philip Johnson Glass House is an ultimate piece of artwork by the talented and gifted artist Philip Johnson who created this amazing place in 1949. The structure has seen a lot of expansion since then, though, and now it has 14 structures including Da Monsta, Ghost House, and the famed Sculpture Gallery, which contains works created by Robert Rauschenberg and Frank Stella. There is yet another landscape installation here that is catching the fancy of people currently, and that is, Yayoi Kusama: Narcissus Garden, which provides thoroughly elevating experience to the tourists as they sit before a massive pond consisting of whopping 1300 floating and shiny steel balls and go into a trance.

Olana State Historic Site

Olana is a two hour drive from New York, and is an extraordinary piece of work created by the famous painter Frederic Church. Regarding the site, the famous architect Adam Rolston says, “The world he created in his home aesthetically captures all the exoticism of the first world travellers of the 19th century.” So, this statement speaks volumes about the theme of the hilltop estate which is spread in 250 acre. Moreover, the mansion provides breathtaking views of Catskill Mountains and Hudson River. Tourists are always overpowered after witnessing the panoramic views of the surroundings from the bell tower inside the Olana State Historic Site.

Parrish Art Museum

Located on a lush green meadow spanning 14 acres amidst breathtaking surroundings is this beautiful piece of art called Parrish Art Museum, which is flanked by Roy Lichtenstein installations and wildflowers. The structure along with its surrounding landscapes completely entrances the visitors. There is a whopping 2600 works of excellent American art that never fail to mesmerize the visitors. Moreover, there are other rotating shows that are held regularly here.

Omi International Arts Center

Omi International Arts Center is a perfect blend of architectural and natural elements, and is located 124 miles from New York City. People often visit this spot in order to immerse themselves in ‘DeWitt Godfrey’s’ steel hops.

Storm King Art Center

One feels completely blessed out on visiting this amazing spot spanning 500 acre of area in New Windsor. It is a great spot to visit for nature and art lovers since besides the soothing weather there are more than 100 architectural treasures spread across the woodlands, fields, and bikeable hills. These pieces of artwork straightaway appeal one’s aesthetic faculty and elevate them to the next higher level, since they simply stand in awe acknowledging the beautiful artwork on display.

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