Exploring Topmost Markets In NYC That Tourists Must Visit

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NYC is the commercial hub; so, expectedly the markets here are no less than Mecca that exhibit the great conglomeration of various styles. These markets not only have scintillating food streets and amazing eating opportunities but are also focal points representing great artwork by various talented artisans, artists, etc. Moreover, they are a true representation of New York’s culture and tradition. Visitors feel elated after coming here, since there is so much to explore. So, here are the topmost markets in NYC that are absolutely must for tourists to explore.


Smorgasburg attracts a sea of humanity as it has a dazzling array of attractive features. First off, tourists are invariably amazed to witness the breathtaking views of Manhattan from this bustling site, where people from all walks of life gather to amass some unforgettable memories. A normal lunch could leave a great positive impression on a person here; such are the electrifying vibes emanating from the place. It is located in Williamsburg, and is counted among the best places for getting quality food. Tourists come here to taste some of the trendiest flavours and foods of NYC.

Brooklyn Flea

Brooklyn Flea is a great spot that leaves great impressions on the visitors, simply because of the stunning variety of things that it has to offer, including clothing, vintage furniture, collectibles, and crafts, to name a few. There are items displayed here that are prepared by local artisans who excel in their art form. Tourists could always find the best antiques and vintage jewellery here. The whole atmosphere is overpowering, as music is also played at a number of stalls, which makes people completely relaxed and happy.

LIC Flea Market

Long Island City is a great spot to visit, as it represents a unique mix of Caribbean, Latin, and Asian cultures. All this makes LIC Flea Market one of the most sought after markets in NYC, as tourists not only love the variety but also like great vistas that they could experience from this spot. Moreover, special music is also played here, and a great variety of food vendors could also be seen everywhere.

Queens Night Market

Queens Night Market is the embodiment of unity in diversity, as one is able to witness an eclectic and vast mix of different cultures here. It has a great deal of food vendors that sell incredibly amazing food. Moreover, one could also see some exhilarating cultural performances here. People love the warmth of this place, which is the reason why the place has a great number of returning visitors.

Union Square Greenmarket

All those tourists who are looking to get the feel of the local culture and food here need to visit Union Square Greenmarket located at the Union Square, just towards the west side. It is a great site for picnicking as well, since one gets to eat a great variety of locally produces cheeses, wines, etc.

Chelsea Market

Chelsea Market is the tourists’ hub, since it is very attractive market. It is an indoor market that is open throughout the year. People are always fascinated by the great variety of choices they have here in terms of food, and other attractive artistic items.

Exploring Thoroughly Rejuvenating Hikes Accessible Via Metro-North New York

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New York is an incredible place that has a number of opportunities to spend the time in the best possible manner. The best part is that the place never disappoints the nature lovers, since there is a dazzling array of rejuvenating hikes in New York. Furthermore, not only does the city has a number of secret hikes but there is a great range of refreshing hikes that are easily accessible via Metro-North. So, getting to these hikes is laughably simple, and one simply gets away from the hustle and bustle of city life in a completely hassle-free manner. The hikes are promising since they provide breathtaking views of the surroundings to the visitors, besides providing them with the tranquil atmosphere. Here are some of the hikes that are sure to refresh the visitors.

Arden Point

Arden Point is located in Garrison and is just 78 minutes from NYC. One is completely transformed to the other world once they embark upon this hike. It takes visitors around 2.5 hours to get to the historical war road here. And, one is also greeted with soothing streams and waterfalls near the road. The whole atmosphere is so soothing and relaxing. Apart from this, one also gets a chance to click mesmerizing photographs from the banks of Hudson River.

Sherwood Island State Park

All the people looking to get a break from their hectic schedule should take the Metro-North to Westport, which is 67 minutes from NYC. One is greeted with rich woodlands there that are full of wildlife. The park spans in 234 acres of area. Moreover, one could also opt for walking along the beach as 1.5 mile walk could really take all the stress away.

Blue Mountain Reservation

Blue Mountain Reservation spans 1800 acre of area and abounds in natural beauty. It is an hour ride from NYC in the metro. The best part is that there are all sorts of hikes here; for the average hikers as well as the robust ones who are looking for great challenges in their lives. So, adventure loving people could always embark upon the hikes such as Blue Mountain and Mount Spitzenberg. And, the ones who like easier rides could tread upon Dickey Brook trail.

Mianus River Gorge Preserve

Mianus River Gorge enjoys the distinction of being, ‘first registered Natural History Landmark’ in the US. Still, quite few people know about the pristine beauty of this reserve that spans 738 acre area. There is a great variety of animals that could be found here including white-tailed deer, unicorns, and bobcats to name a few. The trails are well-marked here, and give one a chance to see the gushing and powerful Mianus River, along with old hemlocks that adorn the place.

Old Croton Aqueduct

Old Croton Aqueduct is located in Tarrytown and is just 37 minutes from NYC in Metro-North. One gets refreshed by embarking upon this trail that spans 26 miles of area. The best part is that one finds himself running under the shades of oak trees. Moreover, there are stone bridges, quaint villages, and the historic Lyndhurst mansion.


Traffic Delays New York


Due to the recent snow storm in America, air travelling has been effected the most with more than 39,000 flights cancelled on just a single day and an expected 41,000 more cancellations in the coming days. 900 flights have already been cancelled for just Monday according to Flight Aware.

The reason behind such huge amount of flight cancellation is the closure of two major airports with flights to Washington DC and Dallas and limited number of flight operations being carried out on Balti-more Washington International Airport. All the airports with flights to New York Newark, Le Guardia and Kennedy are operating but the snow storm has also effected the flight operation on these airports. On Sunday more than 950 outbound flights were cancelled along with the cancellation of 900 inbound flights. 200 outbound and 140 inbound flights have already been cancelled for Monday on these airports which is an alarming situation for the New Yorkers along with the people who were to be on their way to New York on Monday. The Philadelphia International Airport started operating again on Sunday but there were news about many carriers still not flying.

Now if we look at the carriers with the most cancellation American Airlines tops the list. All the flights to Baltimore and New York were cancelled on Sunday but the carrier has announced to carry on the flight operation to both of these cities along with Dulles and Reagan. The operation for Philadelphia was limited on Sunday and due to the cancellation of flights the carrier is waiving fees for itinerary charges on flights schedule.

United Airlines are planning to resume their flight services on all the airports of Washington DC on Monday. The carrier announced to start a limited number of operations on the New York airports on Sunday along with waiving the fees for flight changes in the areas where flights have been effected for Tuesday.

Delta is another big carrier being effected by the storm. The carrier which started its services on Kennedy Airport and Philadelphia Airport on Sunday has announced to waive off the flight change fees on Monday.

There were a number of travel delays in all the areas effected by storm so all the carriers including American Airlines, United Airlines, Delta and JetBlue have updated their websites with lists of destinations with fee waiver for flight change due to cancellation or delay.


Amtrak has stopped its services this Sunday between Washington DC and Virginia along with Washington DC and stations in the Southeast. The service between Washington DC and Boston will be open on a modified schedule on Monday and passengers are advised to go to the company’s site for further information. In the New York City the travel ban has been finished but Grey Hound expects cancellations for days.


There are many special offers that are in their expiration dates now when we look at the hotels and most of the tourists will miss these offers due to the storm but Loews Regency Hotel in New York is still offering its special snow rate which is $229 a night which is ending on Sunday( book using the code SNOW). If you are not stuck in New York City you can still have a lot of entertainment as Broadway Theatres will be performing shows and famous museums including Metropolitan Museum of Arts and American Museum of Natural History are waiting for the visitors. Smithsonian Museum and National Zoo in Washington DC are still closed for the visitors.