Amazingly Refreshing Day Trips From New York’s Long Island Rail Road

View Of Rail Roads

Long Island Rail Road is a popular way of commuting for people. They find it comfortable to travel via it to reach their destinations. However, seldom do people realize that they could actually take Long Island Rail Road in order to get to scintillating and charming places as well that could take all their tiredness away. There is a dazzling array of mesmerizing spots that could be reached by hopping on to Long Island Rail Road. Here is a list of destinations that could make a wonderful and refreshing day trip from New York.

Elmont’s Belmont Park

The place is well-known to the people of New York as it holds horse racing. The experience of witnessing exciting horse racing, along with gulping down a cold beer and munching the picnic lunch on a sunny day is really refreshing.

Rockville Centre

Rockville Centre is a perfect blend of tranquillity and vibrancy. Visitors have the chance of witnessing the mesmerizing beauty of the small town and enjoy the youthful environment of the place at the same time. There are a number of restaurants, local shops, bars, etc. just near the train station that catch people’s attention as soon as they visit the place. So, the place has no dearth of places offering mouth-watering food or overpowering coffee. Staying here at night offers equally exhilarating experience as well.

Long Beach

Long Beach is one of the most popular beaches in New York, especially because of its close proximity to the train station. Moreover, the atmosphere here is so lively as well. Moreover, one could always exercise the option of learning how to surf here, since there is the availability of experts offering lessons to all sorts of learners here. Among the best restaurants here is ‘Lost And Found’ that serves scrumptious and mind-boggling dishes including puffer fish, and venison tartare, to name a few.


Farmingdale is another captivating place that never fails to enthral the visitors. The place abounds in natural beauty. Moreover, there is no shortage of excellent restaurants here. For instance, ‘The Rolling Spring Roll’ restaurant is decidedly among the best Vietnamese restaurants in New York. Another spot that fascinates the visitors is ‘Library Café’ that provides a perfect setting for the literati to immerse themselves in their favourite books. And, the place has always been a popular spot for the golfers as well.

Planting Fields Arboretum

Planting Fields provides all the fun and excitement that one is looking for while on a day tour. There are a number of extensive and adventurous hiking trails. Moreover, there is an amazing diversity of flora here as well, which completely isolates a person from the otherwise dull, drab and polluted city environment. There is also a great mansion of Tudors, called ‘Coe Hall’, which is a good spot to visit to get a peep into the history.


Bridgehampton is a place that is always teeming with art lovers. ‘The Dan Flavin Institute’ contains some of the mesmerizing artworks of ‘Flavin’, an innovative and revolutionary contemporary artist of this era. Apart from this, there is a dazzling array of excellent artworks on display in various galleries in the Downtown as well.