Unravelling Great Tours For Exploring New York

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New York has always mesmerized the people from all over the world because of its stunning beauty. There are plenty of iconic spots to visit here like Statue of Liberty. And, the best part is the availability of a great variety of tours that offer a completely different perspective to visitors. They are invariably exhilarated to locate such a great way of exploring NYC. The experience of viewing the skyline from the boat is simply unsurpassed. And then, there are helicopter tours that provide one a chance to explore the pristine locations of NYC. So, here are some of the great tours for exploring NYC like never before.

Bus Tours

One of the most convenient ways of visiting various famous spots in NYC is by hopping onto a bus. One gets to see some great spots in Brooklyn, along with other beautiful sights in Manhattan. Besides, one gets to see amazing views of the glittering city skyline as well at night time. There are specific bus tours that take the visitors to 48 hour tour or 72 hour tour, and try to cover all possible popular locations.

Freestyle New York Tour

Freestyle New York Tour is one of the most liked tours by people, simply because they have the option of choosing their own preferred locations from the list of popular spots that they are provided. So, they could choose from a dazzling array of museums, attractions, and great restaurants in the city. Visitors are taken to these sites within 72 hours. Moreover, they are taken in a double-decker bus.

Manhattan Experience

There are specific tours that are focussed upon Manhattan alone. These are four-hour, six-hour, and eight-hour tours that take one to various scintillating locations such as Rockfeller Center, the Museum Mile, and Harlem, to name a few. Besides, one gets a chance to opt for lunch at their favourite destinations including Little Italy.

Boat Tours

Boat Tours are also very popular among the tourists, especially the ones who like to explore the uncharted territories of NYC. Besides, the experience of seeing the unimaginable skyscrapers is also overwhelming. One gets such breathtaking panoramic views of NYC.

Helicopter Tours

Helicopter tours have always been the hot favourite of elites, who never want to miss a chance to make their trip memorable. Truly, the companies offering helicopter tours are highly professional as they provide flawless experience to tourists, who are taken to some great locations in NYC. Moreover, what tourists like the most is soaking in bird’s eye view of favourite sites including the Empire State Building, City’s bridges, the Statue of Liberty, and Central Park, to name a few.

Individual Attractions

For the tourists interested in knowing about the historical and cultural importance of some specific spot in NYC, there are some incredible individual sightseeing tours on offer. These tours provide one a chance to have a greater insight into the site that they really like. For instance, there are in-depth tours of the Empire State Building, Top of the Rock, and Madame Tussads, to name a few. So, one could always visit any particular location they want to visit by embarking upon these tours.

Uncovering New York’s Most Frequently Visited Museums

View Of Metropolitan Museum Of Art

New York is one of the most amazing destinations that a person could visit in his lifetime. There are all sorts of facilities here that really exhilarate the visitors. They come across novel and creative things that really appeal their mind and sensibility. And, similar is the case with museums here. The museums here are the embodiment of the great cultural heritage of the area. Moreover, there are some museums that really stand out than other museums. So, here are top most museums in NYC which attract a sea of humanity.

Metropolitan Museum Of Art

Metropolitan Museum of Art is one of the most comprehensive and attractive art museums in the world. It has a whopping 2 million artefacts of art representing five millennia of rich human history. Some of the greatest permanent exhibits include Egyptian Art, and the American Wing. The popularity of the museum can be gauged from the number of visitors to the museum each year, as around 6 million people pay visit to this museum each year.

American Museum Of Natural History

American Museum of Natural History is mainly a science museum as it has a number of artefacts explaining scientific evolution including dinosaur fossils, and a plethora of exhibits chronicling the lifespan of almost all the animals that exist on earth. Hayden Planetarium is the place that attracts a great number of people. Further, The Butterfly Conservatory has a dazzling array of live butterflies which are kept in a heated and warm environment, such that it acts as an oasis during chilly winters. One should plan to visit the spot on Sunday mornings in order to enjoy their visit to the fullest.

Museum Of Modern Art

Museum of Modern Art has a wide range of exhibits displaying widely popular modern works of highly popular and talented artists including Andy Warhol, Frida Kahlo, Vincent van Gogh, and Claude Monet, to name a few. People are invariably stunned to locate some amazing artworks here.

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum was designed by the great architect Frank Lloyd Wright, who designed it in such exquisite brilliance that it is among the most attractive and unique museums in the world that have extraordinary exteriors. Besides, people come across plenty of modern pieces of art inside the museum. The interior of the museum itself is awe-inspiring. People find themselves amazed by the great works of great artists including Chagall, Kandinsky, van Gogh, and Picasso, to name a few. There are some breathtaking photographs by Robert Mapplethorpe as well. All in all, visiting the museum is a thoroughly delightful as well as elevating experience, as people are invariably inspired by some extraordinary pieces of artwork as well as the surreal design of the museum.

Intrepid Sea, Air, And Space Museum

Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space Museum served as an aircraft carrier during the Vietnam War and World War II. It is just moored along the unmistakable Hudson River. People get a chance to experience such unique things here as USS Growler Submarine, and a supersonic jet belonging to British Airways Concorde, etc. Visiting the museum early morning offers a great viewing experience.

Exploring Great Things To Do In NYC Along With Kids

View Of Brooklyn Bridge

Sometimes people are in a real dilemma when it comes to going on a holiday along with their kids. However, this doesn’t seem to be an issue when they are travelling to NYC since there is a dazzling array of places to explore here along with kids. So, here are some of the great things a person could do along with their kids when they visit NYC.

The Empire State Building

A visit to the Empire State Building could leave one completely transformed. Kids are invariably amazed to see spectacular views of NYC buildings from the 86th floor. Moreover, a careful planning ahead of the visit could make sure that the visit is completely hassle-free. In this regard, one could buy tickets online and avoid standing in queues. Further, express tickets ensure that the waiting time for elevator is also reduced considerably.

Children’s Museum Of Manhattan

The best thing about Children’s Museum of Manhattan is the availability of exhibits in accordance with one’s age. For instance, children aged 2 to 6 could see ‘Adventures with Dora and Diego.’ Another area which children like to explore is ‘Splash Water Play,’ as they love to sail the boat, play with sand, and paint with water. Moreover, waterproof smocks are provided by the museum. One could always visit information desk in order to enquire about special performances and workshops, which could be really entertaining and intriguing.

Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum is really massive. So, one has to plan smartly before exploring the museum. One could visit the website and order tickets online, as this is the first step to make the visit convenient. Further, one could decide the exhibits that are to be explored. The exhibits that kids particularly like include dinosaurs, giant blue whale, animal dioramas, African elephants, and fabulous minerals and gems, to name a few. Moreover, one could also buy great educational toys at the museum shops.

Brooklyn Bridge

As children are adventurous by nature they never miss a chance to enjoy to the fullest when they are given an opportunity to do so. A visit to Brooklyn Bridge makes them happy and cheerful since they love to get panoramic views of the city from the top. The skyline is simply amazing, and one could click some unforgettable pictures from here.

New York Transit Museum

New York Transit Museum is another intriguing place that offers great insight into the subways that got constructed from 1904 to 1927 in NYC. Children also come to know about various tokens that were used prior to the use of Metrocard. A famous spot for children is ‘On the Streets,’ an interactive exhibit that explains how trolleys and buses were developed.

New York Hall Of Science

New York Hall of Science is one of the most amazing places on earth for kids. They get to learn a lot without realizing that they are gaining invaluable information and knowledge. There are whopping 450 interactive exhibits here. Some of the most famous exhibits include ‘Realm of the Atom,’ Seeing the Light,’ ‘The Search for life beyond the earth,’ etc.

Exploring Tranquil And Soothing Islands In New York City

View Of Roosevelt Island With Lighthouse

People are leading a chaotic life nowadays, and they are always seen complaining about the scarcity of time. So, they often complain that they never have enough time to go to some idyllic place in order to get that most sought after respite from the frenzied pace of life. However, people in NYC need not worry about finding such a location, since they can easily locate beautiful islands in NYC that are sure to offer them the best environment for relaxation. Here are some of the tranquil and soothing islands of NYC that are sure to mesmerize the visitors with their hypnotic charm.

Randall’s Island

Randall’s Island is located between Queens and Upper Manhattan and is a great spot to visit, especially for nature lovers and music lovers, since the place now hosts a number of musical festivals. The place is known for holding Olympic trials in 1936 as it used to serve as a stadium then. There is a dazzling array of scintillating facilities available here as there is the golf facility, eight miles beautiful path for walkers, bikers, and joggers. The track passes through waterfront areas and wetlands, and offers great experience to visitors. The best part is that there are a number of festivals that are held here during different seasons, like Panorama, Electric Zoo, etc.

Roosevelt Island

Roosevelt Island is another central park that has a lot to offer to the visitors. It is a quaint island with small town vibe. People are always enchanted by the idea of looping around the island in the Red Bus, and admiring the beauty of the place. There is greenery all around the park, as there is the Four Freedoms Park which is located towards the south. And then, there is the ‘Light House Park’ which is located towards the north. Moreover, there is a 60-foot pool as well which is located in the apartment complex in Manhattan Park, and is suitable for sunbathing and swimming. The island is easily accessible via tram and bus.

Governor’s Island

Governor’s Island has a rich historical past, as it served as the battleground. So, as expected, some part of the island is now designated as ‘National Historic District,’ and the forts have been declared as national monument. And, the rest of the park has been converted into public space and parkland. Tourists love the idea of exploring the island on Citi Bikes, which enable them see various playgrounds, ballfields, and a mesmerizing sightseeing promenade. People are invariably attracted towards ‘The Hills’ which is a picturesque spot that offers breathtaking views of the harbour, Statue of Liberty, and downtown Manhattan.

City Island

City Island has peaceful history as it was the main centre for shipbuilding and fishing during the 19th century. Though the number of people living on the island is small, still there is a dazzling array of shops, yacht clubs, and restaurants here that always catch the attraction of visitors. One could explore the uncharted territories by renting a boat, which is easily available at Jack’s Bait and Tackle. Further, there are a number of fairs also that are organised here throughout the year.

Unearthing NYC’s Secret Places That Are Sure To Appeal The Tourists

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People are invariably attracted by the pulsating vibes in the NYC. They are attracted by the great skyline, which is perhaps the best in the world. However, this place has a lot more to offer as it is always teeming with culture, art, markets, and a great number of secret spots that offer a pleasant surprise to the visitors. The surprising aspect is that even locals are so much engrossed in their daily routine that they too might not have heard about or explored these scintillating spots. Here are these top quality secret spots that are sure to appeal the tourists.

City Hall Station

City Hall Station in NYC has been declared a ghost station, as reaching this station entails taking sharp curves on the way, which is not feasible for the train to do with heavy volume of commuters. This elegant station got built in 1904 and remained intact till the mid of 20th century. It is one of the most eye-catching spots with skylights, Guastavino tile vaults, as well as Romanesque Architecture. One could see the spot by enrolling in the tours organised by New York Transit Museum. Or, if one fails to get off the train at Brooklyn Bridge, then he might have the chance to see this spot, as the train reaches the spot in order to prepare to get back to the Downtown.

The Bowling Alley Located Under Henry C. Frick Collection Museum

Frick Collection Museum is among those museums that exhibit astonishing pieces of European Art. It is a great museum with whopping 16 galleries displaying astonishing pieces of art. However, the secret spot that is sure to exhilarate the tourists is the bowling alley that is hidden in the cellar of the mansion. This bowling alley got built in 1914 by Frick.

The New York Public Library Book Vault

This hidden spot is sure to be loved by book lovers. It is located beneath Bryant Park, and is attached to the unmistakable New York Public Library. One has access to rarest books here. However, this vault is opened to the general public for a limited amount of time in a year, and the operator of the library could certainly tell the people about the timings when it is going to remain opened.

High Bridge- Harlem

High Bridge in Harlem offers a stunning experience as one is able to see spectacular views of New York City. To get to the bridge one needs to get off at Washington Heights Station and go through Highbridge Park.

The Rooftop Gardens-Rockefeller Center

The Rockefeller Center is an iconic spot in NYC, since it is among one of the most beautiful skyscrapers in NYC. However, few people are aware of the rooftop garden of this building which offers a great respite from the crowded world. There is a garden, a reflective and well-maintained pool, and well-tended flowers.

The Whispering Spot-The Grand Central Terminal

Besides the regular commuters, there are a number of curious visitors who visit The Grand Central Terminal to visit the ‘whispering gallery,’ which allows people standing at far ends to communicate with each other by talking straight into the wall there. It is an acoustic trick, and a great thing to explore.

New York’s Natural Wonders That Tourists Must See

View Of Niagara Falls

New York has always been considered as a great metropolitan. So, it has always been associated with countless commercial centres, amazing architectural skyscrapers, hotels, restaurants, and casinos, to name a few of the things that characterize a metropolitan. However, besides these industrial sites, there are a number of natural wonders in New York that are offer thoroughly rejuvenating experience. The place abounds in such natural sites, some of which are included here.

The Adirondacks

The best part about Adirondacks is that is a massive state park; in fact, it enjoys the distinction of being USA’s largest state park. So, there is no dearth of sites offering stunning picturesque views of the surroundings. There are plenty of hikes here that offer great fun to visitors. It is a great spot to visit in order to get a break from the hectic city life.

Chimney Bluffs State Park

Chimney Bluffs State Park has always attracted a considerable number of tourists because of its unique and compelling terrain. Tourists love to witness astonishing clay rock formations here. Moreover, the views from the top of the bluffs are simply unsurpassed. So, it is a great site to visit for nature lovers who love to revel in the beauty of nature and experience deep meditation.

Howe Caverns

Howe Cavers has always attracted visitors ever since they opened to the public in the middle of the 19th century. Tourists are invariably amazed to explore the hidden treasures beneath their feet.

Ausable Chasm

Ausable Chasm is among top class attractions in New York for tourists. It is a great historical site located in Keeseville that offers incredible views of Ausable River flowing powerfully.

Chittenango Falls

Chittenango Falls is another great natural wonder offers tourists a chance to witness waterfall standing at mammoth 160 feet. Tourists love to visit this site, and the authorities to reciprocate tourists’ love by ensuring that the site is open to the public throughout the year.

Lake George

Lake George is a must to visit for tourists since it offers incredibly amazing and unforgettable experience. It is 3 miles wide and around 32 miles long. Tourists love the idea of going to the adjoining islands, which are 186 in number. There are a number of facilities available for the visitors including swimming, fishing, and parasailing.

Hudson River

Hudson River extends from the Adirondacks to the Atlantic Ocean. Because of its massive size of around 300 miles, it has also been labelled as “Americas Rhine.”

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is another great tourist spot that attracts a number of visitors from all over the world. People could visit this spot from Canada as well. Visitors are always amazed to see this astonishing natural wonder where water flows down from a height of 160 feet.

Montauk Point

Montauk Point is a great countryside area that offers a pleasant retreat from grilling city life. It is located in the vicinity of Long Island. The environment here is so soothing and relaxing. A lot of fishermen live here actually. However, there is a spectacular lighthouse as well here, which catches the attention of visitors.

Exploring Topmost Ski Trips In The Vicinity Of NYC

View Of Mountains

New York is a truly magnificent destination for tourists, since they are always spoilt for choices when they come here. There is an endless list of things that tourists could do here. And, the scene is even better in the winter when snow-clad mountains are ubiquitous in NYC. The best part is that there are a number of legitimate ski resorts that are within short distance from NYC. And, what’s more appealing is the fact that these ski resorts are easily accessible via trains, or via one’s personal car. So tourists can truly amass some unforgettable memories. Here is a list of topmost ski trips that a person could make while in NYC.

Gore Mountain

Gore Mountain is certainly world class destination for skiing. In fact, the place has the longest gladed trail throughout the Northeast. The best part is that one simply needs to hop into Pullman Rail in order to get here. The journey itself is thoroughly rejuvenating and thrilling since people witness great scenic spots on their way to Gore Mountain. The trail is beautifully groomed, and takes care of the visitors. Moreover, there is the Saddle Lodge fireplace nearby where tourists could relax after a hectic day, and eat some thoroughly appetizing dinner.

Thunder Ridge

The best part about Thunder Ridge is its proximity to NYC. It is just 70 miles away from NYC and is located in Patterson. The mountains might not be big enough, but the spot definitely takes care of the needs and requirements of the snowboarders and skiers. One simply needs to take Ski Train (Metro North) to Thunder Ridge, Patterson. The skiable terrain spans 100 acres of area and there are all sorts of trails here, including gentle as well as advanced trails. Experienced skiers like to ski in Timber Wolf and Wildcat.

Mountain Creek

Mountain Creek in New Jersey is the easiest ski trip that a person could take, since it is just 50 odd miles from Manhattan. The terrain park spans 65 acres of area, and is among the best parks in the US. Beginners like to ski in the base area, while expert skiers like to ski in Granite Peaks and the Bear. One could even stay here overnight at Grand Cascades Lodge, which has excellent tropical biosphere and the spa.

Windham Mountain Ski Resort

Windham Mountain Ski Resort is small, yet elegant ski spot. People could make a reservation under First Tracks program as well, which allows them early access to the ski spot. Tourists love to practice aerial tricks here, as ‘Windham’s Big Air Bag’ provides good opportunity for doing that. Apart from this, there are other options of spending quality time here, since there is the Adventure Park as well, which has ziplines that are 40feet in height.

Jiminy Peak Mountain Resort

Well, as the voice for going green is raising popularity, people are certainly going to be satisfied to see the lone spot in North America which is adhering strictly to this principle. This is because the spot is famous for generating its own energy with the help of wind power. Apart from best skiing atmosphere, there is a dazzling array of shopping and eating options as well here.

New York’s Top Class Art Museums That Are A Must To Visit

View Of Brooklyn Museum

Art lovers love to explore the world, and they are especially enchanted with art museums. And, the best part about visiting New York is that it has no dearth of art museums. Moreover, there is a huge variety of artwork here, since one could find great examples of Impressionist, Ancient, Modern, Old Master, and other contemporary pieces. So, a visit to NYC can certainly leave one elevated.

Brooklyn Museum

Brooklyn Museum spans in 560,000 square foot area. The museum got the distinction of being the first museum in America to exhibit artwork of African artists. There are whopping 4000 items just from Egyptian holdings. Tourists are always given a pleasant surprise when they come across artwork of great artists like Monet, Cezanne, and Degas, to name a few.

The Frick Collection

The Frick Collection is a massive and opulent structure that is too brilliant to miss. Industrialist Henry Clay Frick commissioned building of the museum. The museum has brilliant pieces of artwork by great masters. There is a great variety of permanent collections here including sculpture, world-class paintings, furniture, etc. One feels honoured to see the work of prominent artists here including Vermeer, Rembrandt, Renoir, and Jean-Henri Riesener, to name a few.

The Metropolitan Museum Of Art

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is a massive structure. Even massive adjective isn’t enough for this gargantuan structure that is spread in a colossal area. One could spend even two days here and admit seeing only a fraction of the museum. The best part is that there is an astonishing array of collections here that represent the cultural perspectives of a great number of artists from various nationalities. One could find an exhaustive artwork by famous artists including Pablo Picasso, and Alexander McQueen, to name a few.

Museum Of Arts And Design

Museum of Arts and Design, which is located in the place that was originally meant for Huntington Hartford Gallery of Modern Art has a dazzling array of extraordinary artwork, furniture design, ceramics, metalsmithing, and fiber art, to name a few. So, visit to the museum is definitely worthwhile.

Museum Of Modern Art

One could simply get lost in a great variety of permanent exhibits showcased here. The museum also has other attractive elements including an attached cinema, a sculpture garden that has works by Rodin and Picasso, a top class restaurant, and a bar.

New Museum Of Contemporary Art

The New Museum of Contemporary Art was designed by great architectural firm from Tokyo called Sejima and Nishizawaa/ SANAAA. It is a seven story building that was opened to the public in 2007.  The building has a number of galleries, a theatre, a café, and roof terraces. The museum basically endeavours to bring the work of emerging artists. These artists are under-recognized but are certainly really talented.

Whitney Museum Of American Art

The new building of Whitney Museum of American Art spans in 63,000 square feet area. It was founded way back in 1931 by art patron and sculptor Gertrude Vanderbilt. It has a staggering collection of 15,000 pieces of artwork made by 2000 artists.

Exploring Thoroughly Rejuvenating Hikes Accessible Via Metro-North New York

Woman Posing Hiking

New York is an incredible place that has a number of opportunities to spend the time in the best possible manner. The best part is that the place never disappoints the nature lovers, since there is a dazzling array of rejuvenating hikes in New York. Furthermore, not only does the city has a number of secret hikes but there is a great range of refreshing hikes that are easily accessible via Metro-North. So, getting to these hikes is laughably simple, and one simply gets away from the hustle and bustle of city life in a completely hassle-free manner. The hikes are promising since they provide breathtaking views of the surroundings to the visitors, besides providing them with the tranquil atmosphere. Here are some of the hikes that are sure to refresh the visitors.

Arden Point

Arden Point is located in Garrison and is just 78 minutes from NYC. One is completely transformed to the other world once they embark upon this hike. It takes visitors around 2.5 hours to get to the historical war road here. And, one is also greeted with soothing streams and waterfalls near the road. The whole atmosphere is so soothing and relaxing. Apart from this, one also gets a chance to click mesmerizing photographs from the banks of Hudson River.

Sherwood Island State Park

All the people looking to get a break from their hectic schedule should take the Metro-North to Westport, which is 67 minutes from NYC. One is greeted with rich woodlands there that are full of wildlife. The park spans in 234 acres of area. Moreover, one could also opt for walking along the beach as 1.5 mile walk could really take all the stress away.

Blue Mountain Reservation

Blue Mountain Reservation spans 1800 acre of area and abounds in natural beauty. It is an hour ride from NYC in the metro. The best part is that there are all sorts of hikes here; for the average hikers as well as the robust ones who are looking for great challenges in their lives. So, adventure loving people could always embark upon the hikes such as Blue Mountain and Mount Spitzenberg. And, the ones who like easier rides could tread upon Dickey Brook trail.

Mianus River Gorge Preserve

Mianus River Gorge enjoys the distinction of being, ‘first registered Natural History Landmark’ in the US. Still, quite few people know about the pristine beauty of this reserve that spans 738 acre area. There is a great variety of animals that could be found here including white-tailed deer, unicorns, and bobcats to name a few. The trails are well-marked here, and give one a chance to see the gushing and powerful Mianus River, along with old hemlocks that adorn the place.

Old Croton Aqueduct

Old Croton Aqueduct is located in Tarrytown and is just 37 minutes from NYC in Metro-North. One gets refreshed by embarking upon this trail that spans 26 miles of area. The best part is that one finds himself running under the shades of oak trees. Moreover, there are stone bridges, quaint villages, and the historic Lyndhurst mansion.

New York’s Suburbs That Are As Refreshing And Entrancing As The City

View Of Suburbs NY

New York is a scintillating city that attracts people the moment they visit it. There is no doubt that people are enamoured by the brilliance of the city. Moreover, the best part about visiting the place is that the suburbs in the vicinity of the city are as beautiful and mesmerizing as the city. Moreover, there are plenty of options there as well, including shopping, beaches, entertainment options, to name a few. All this invariably stuns the visitors. So, here is a list of some of the suburbs in New York City that are a delight to visit.

Armonk, NY

Armonk might be spread in a small area, but there is no dearth of amazing eating spots here. The brunch here at ‘Market North’ and ‘The Beehive’ is as refreshing and fulfilling as the pizza at Amore, which has a delightful brook flowing next to it, along with a beautiful vegetable garden. Moreover, one could eat fresh farm-to-table delicacies at Restaurant North. Moreover, people who love to commune with nature find it the best place as they get engrossed in the natural beauty of Kensico Reservoir, and Wampus Brook Park Nature Preserve. So, the place offers great many options of mouth-watering food and tranquil and scenic spots.

Red Bank, NJ

Red Bank is a quaint and intriguing place that offers soothing and relaxing atmosphere to the tourists. It is adorned with picturesque views and multitude of eating spots. So, tourists could expect a great variety of food here as they are spoilt for choices here. Some of the top class dining places include Earth Pizza, Antoinette Boulangerie, Boondocks Fishery, and Catch, to name a few. There is also an entrancing comic book store which is called ‘Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash’.

South Norwalk, CT

People visiting South Norwalk are greeted with its cobblestone sidewalks, red-bricked houses, and the dazzling architecture of 19th century. The best part is that the place is not crowded. So, one enjoys the tranquil surroundings of the area while enjoying a dazzling array of restaurants, bars, and galleries here. Moreover, the place has some of the best innovative restaurants, including Tablao, El Segundo, etc.

Larchmont, NY

Larchmont is a waterfront village that offers respite from the hectic life in the city to the dwellers here. People love to reside here as they commute to work daily from this spectacular spot.

South Orange, NJ

South Orange is a great spot to live and visit, and it is meagre half hour from Penn Station. The best part about living in this suburb is the number of facilities available for the people. There are some amazing mountain bike trails, along with remarkable Hemlock Falls trail around 5.8 mile in length. Moreover, the culinary scene of the place is wonderful as well, and some of the popular spots include Walia, Ariyoshi, and Falafel-ly Yours, to name a few. Moreover, there is the scintillating South Mountain Reservation which offers unlimited fun to the visitors. Tourists are also intrigued by gaslight-lined streets adorned with some of the most striking houses with great architectural designs.