Incredible Ways Of Spending Holidays In NYC

View Of National Museum Of New York

Holiday time in December is a great time in New York as the whole city dons a completely different appearance then. The city gains a new lease of life, and the whole atmosphere is pulsating with positive energy. The experience of walking amidst such great atmosphere and bustling city sidewalks is simply unsurpassed. A person is seen clicking photographs in order to capture this hypnotizing moment forever. Here are some of the incredible ways of making the most of this season.

Rockefeller Center

The stunning ice skating rink and the lavishly designed unmistakable Christmas tree are two most eye-catching spots in New York in the month of December. The tree has countless LED lights that glow throughout the festive season. Hundreds of people gather here to sing tubas and other Christmas carols. The whole atmosphere is enticing.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral

St. Patrick’s Cathedral is a great example of American Gothic Revival. It took 21 years to build this massive cathedral, and masses are celebrated daily in this cathedral. The tree is extensively lit here as well.

Ice Skating Rink

Ice Skating Rink is an ideal place to visit for all those who are looking to feel that extreme fun and joy of this festive season. Visitors have a number of options to choose from including taking a buffet breakfast, embarking upon the visits along with Santa and elves, joining in the music by carollers, enjoying special and lovely gifts for the children, to name a few. And, there are similar packages available that let one get the maximum entertainment.

Department Store Windows

There are countless department stores in New York, and all of these are always prepared to exhibit their best during the festive season. Pick of the lot is Macy in Herald Square, which is known to most of the people. Saks Fifth Avenue is another great location to enjoy window display during this festive season.

The Dazzling Menorah

Located at the 59th street on Fifth Avenue is a dazzling menorah that is brilliantly illuminated to celebrate this great season. In fact, this gold-plated steel menorah is the largest in the world. The atmosphere is scintillating here as people revel in the live musical performances while kids enjoy their surprise gifts.

Radio City Music Hall

The scene at Radio City Music Hall is equally exhilarating, as ‘The Rockettes’ make great performances here. In fact, the place has been holding spending Christmas celebrations since Great Depression.

Carnegie Hall

Carnegie Hall is an ideal spot for holiday programmes throughout the year. Several performances are held during the Christmas season that always cast a spell on the audience. There are performances like Handel’s “Messiah” that are held with utmost excellence.

Lincoln Center

Lincoln Center is famous for offering some amazing holiday events, including “George Balanchine’s ‘The Nutcracker,’ and “Messiah Sing-In” to name a few. Lincoln Center is a popular arts complex in Columbus and Amsterdam avenues. There are thousands of people in Dante Park here who gather to attend the tree-lighting ceremony here.


Museums, like American Museum of Natural History, are other spots to see great exhibits on display during the Christmas season.

Exploring Topmost Ski Trips In The Vicinity Of NYC

View Of Mountains

New York is a truly magnificent destination for tourists, since they are always spoilt for choices when they come here. There is an endless list of things that tourists could do here. And, the scene is even better in the winter when snow-clad mountains are ubiquitous in NYC. The best part is that there are a number of legitimate ski resorts that are within short distance from NYC. And, what’s more appealing is the fact that these ski resorts are easily accessible via trains, or via one’s personal car. So tourists can truly amass some unforgettable memories. Here is a list of topmost ski trips that a person could make while in NYC.

Gore Mountain

Gore Mountain is certainly world class destination for skiing. In fact, the place has the longest gladed trail throughout the Northeast. The best part is that one simply needs to hop into Pullman Rail in order to get here. The journey itself is thoroughly rejuvenating and thrilling since people witness great scenic spots on their way to Gore Mountain. The trail is beautifully groomed, and takes care of the visitors. Moreover, there is the Saddle Lodge fireplace nearby where tourists could relax after a hectic day, and eat some thoroughly appetizing dinner.

Thunder Ridge

The best part about Thunder Ridge is its proximity to NYC. It is just 70 miles away from NYC and is located in Patterson. The mountains might not be big enough, but the spot definitely takes care of the needs and requirements of the snowboarders and skiers. One simply needs to take Ski Train (Metro North) to Thunder Ridge, Patterson. The skiable terrain spans 100 acres of area and there are all sorts of trails here, including gentle as well as advanced trails. Experienced skiers like to ski in Timber Wolf and Wildcat.

Mountain Creek

Mountain Creek in New Jersey is the easiest ski trip that a person could take, since it is just 50 odd miles from Manhattan. The terrain park spans 65 acres of area, and is among the best parks in the US. Beginners like to ski in the base area, while expert skiers like to ski in Granite Peaks and the Bear. One could even stay here overnight at Grand Cascades Lodge, which has excellent tropical biosphere and the spa.

Windham Mountain Ski Resort

Windham Mountain Ski Resort is small, yet elegant ski spot. People could make a reservation under First Tracks program as well, which allows them early access to the ski spot. Tourists love to practice aerial tricks here, as ‘Windham’s Big Air Bag’ provides good opportunity for doing that. Apart from this, there are other options of spending quality time here, since there is the Adventure Park as well, which has ziplines that are 40feet in height.

Jiminy Peak Mountain Resort

Well, as the voice for going green is raising popularity, people are certainly going to be satisfied to see the lone spot in North America which is adhering strictly to this principle. This is because the spot is famous for generating its own energy with the help of wind power. Apart from best skiing atmosphere, there is a dazzling array of shopping and eating options as well here.

Exploring Thoroughly Rejuvenating Hikes Accessible Via Metro-North New York

Woman Posing Hiking

New York is an incredible place that has a number of opportunities to spend the time in the best possible manner. The best part is that the place never disappoints the nature lovers, since there is a dazzling array of rejuvenating hikes in New York. Furthermore, not only does the city has a number of secret hikes but there is a great range of refreshing hikes that are easily accessible via Metro-North. So, getting to these hikes is laughably simple, and one simply gets away from the hustle and bustle of city life in a completely hassle-free manner. The hikes are promising since they provide breathtaking views of the surroundings to the visitors, besides providing them with the tranquil atmosphere. Here are some of the hikes that are sure to refresh the visitors.

Arden Point

Arden Point is located in Garrison and is just 78 minutes from NYC. One is completely transformed to the other world once they embark upon this hike. It takes visitors around 2.5 hours to get to the historical war road here. And, one is also greeted with soothing streams and waterfalls near the road. The whole atmosphere is so soothing and relaxing. Apart from this, one also gets a chance to click mesmerizing photographs from the banks of Hudson River.

Sherwood Island State Park

All the people looking to get a break from their hectic schedule should take the Metro-North to Westport, which is 67 minutes from NYC. One is greeted with rich woodlands there that are full of wildlife. The park spans in 234 acres of area. Moreover, one could also opt for walking along the beach as 1.5 mile walk could really take all the stress away.

Blue Mountain Reservation

Blue Mountain Reservation spans 1800 acre of area and abounds in natural beauty. It is an hour ride from NYC in the metro. The best part is that there are all sorts of hikes here; for the average hikers as well as the robust ones who are looking for great challenges in their lives. So, adventure loving people could always embark upon the hikes such as Blue Mountain and Mount Spitzenberg. And, the ones who like easier rides could tread upon Dickey Brook trail.

Mianus River Gorge Preserve

Mianus River Gorge enjoys the distinction of being, ‘first registered Natural History Landmark’ in the US. Still, quite few people know about the pristine beauty of this reserve that spans 738 acre area. There is a great variety of animals that could be found here including white-tailed deer, unicorns, and bobcats to name a few. The trails are well-marked here, and give one a chance to see the gushing and powerful Mianus River, along with old hemlocks that adorn the place.

Old Croton Aqueduct

Old Croton Aqueduct is located in Tarrytown and is just 37 minutes from NYC in Metro-North. One gets refreshed by embarking upon this trail that spans 26 miles of area. The best part is that one finds himself running under the shades of oak trees. Moreover, there are stone bridges, quaint villages, and the historic Lyndhurst mansion.

New York’s Suburbs That Are As Refreshing And Entrancing As The City

View Of Suburbs NY

New York is a scintillating city that attracts people the moment they visit it. There is no doubt that people are enamoured by the brilliance of the city. Moreover, the best part about visiting the place is that the suburbs in the vicinity of the city are as beautiful and mesmerizing as the city. Moreover, there are plenty of options there as well, including shopping, beaches, entertainment options, to name a few. All this invariably stuns the visitors. So, here is a list of some of the suburbs in New York City that are a delight to visit.

Armonk, NY

Armonk might be spread in a small area, but there is no dearth of amazing eating spots here. The brunch here at ‘Market North’ and ‘The Beehive’ is as refreshing and fulfilling as the pizza at Amore, which has a delightful brook flowing next to it, along with a beautiful vegetable garden. Moreover, one could eat fresh farm-to-table delicacies at Restaurant North. Moreover, people who love to commune with nature find it the best place as they get engrossed in the natural beauty of Kensico Reservoir, and Wampus Brook Park Nature Preserve. So, the place offers great many options of mouth-watering food and tranquil and scenic spots.

Red Bank, NJ

Red Bank is a quaint and intriguing place that offers soothing and relaxing atmosphere to the tourists. It is adorned with picturesque views and multitude of eating spots. So, tourists could expect a great variety of food here as they are spoilt for choices here. Some of the top class dining places include Earth Pizza, Antoinette Boulangerie, Boondocks Fishery, and Catch, to name a few. There is also an entrancing comic book store which is called ‘Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash’.

South Norwalk, CT

People visiting South Norwalk are greeted with its cobblestone sidewalks, red-bricked houses, and the dazzling architecture of 19th century. The best part is that the place is not crowded. So, one enjoys the tranquil surroundings of the area while enjoying a dazzling array of restaurants, bars, and galleries here. Moreover, the place has some of the best innovative restaurants, including Tablao, El Segundo, etc.

Larchmont, NY

Larchmont is a waterfront village that offers respite from the hectic life in the city to the dwellers here. People love to reside here as they commute to work daily from this spectacular spot.

South Orange, NJ

South Orange is a great spot to live and visit, and it is meagre half hour from Penn Station. The best part about living in this suburb is the number of facilities available for the people. There are some amazing mountain bike trails, along with remarkable Hemlock Falls trail around 5.8 mile in length. Moreover, the culinary scene of the place is wonderful as well, and some of the popular spots include Walia, Ariyoshi, and Falafel-ly Yours, to name a few. Moreover, there is the scintillating South Mountain Reservation which offers unlimited fun to the visitors. Tourists are also intrigued by gaslight-lined streets adorned with some of the most striking houses with great architectural designs.

New York’s Finest Lounges Providing Thoroughly Rejuvenating Experience

View Of Lounge

New York is an amazing place to spend one’s time- the kind of food culture, cuisines, restaurants, nightlife, and lounges that it has are simply breathtaking. The lounges in New York are not only spacious but also offer some of the most beautiful panoramic views of the city. They are well-equipped with DJs, bars, and appealing menus that are enough to heighten one’s culinary experience, and provide people with the best time of their life.

PH-D Lounge

Penthouse at Dream Downtown (PH-D) is located at the top of the Dream Downtown. There are both indoor as well as outdoor lounges that have their own bars. Moreover, the view of the skyline is simply exhilarating from here. People are always mesmerized to witness the outer natural beauty while enjoying their favourite songs being played at the DJ booth.

The Garret East

The Garret East has become the first choice of the elites who are looking for a grand experience. The brick walls are whitewashed and the bar is completely made of steel. The availability of fireplace makes this place cosy and warm. Apart from this, the cocktail menu is excellent as well as there is a wide range of all sorts of innovative cocktails that are served in Boston Round bottles and glass flasks.

Mr. Purple

Hotel Indigo’s 15th floor dons a completely amazing look because of this rooftop lounge whose interior is marvellously decorated by reclaimed wood, metal, and concrete. Moreover, there are various free hanging lights that look very appealing, especially at night. The lounge has two terraces, one of which contains a bar, and a swimming pool, along with banquettes and chaise lounges. Food served here is equally invigorating as the place provides staples that are locally sourced from a wide range of sources including Russ And Daughters, Melt Bakery, Beecher’s Handmade Cheese, to name a few.

Le Bain

Le Bain is a posh penthouse rooftop atop The Standard Hotel that is completely covered with grass. The place is offers surreal views of New York City. Moreover, the DJs that perform here have a very high standing among the musical groups all over the country. So, the availability of first-rate facilities here along with unsurpassed infrastructure makes this place a highly revered place among the influential people.

Brandy Library

This Tribeca lounge abounds in things that provide utmost dining experience for a person. People yearn to return to this place for its excellent features like availability of leather bound books, stimulating fragrance of mahogany, and a wide assortment of brandy. There are exactly 100 classic and signature cocktails, beer, wine, and some exotic spirits that stun the visitors. Moreover, the menu also includes other equally enchanting things like foie gras that is Cognac-cured, delicious chocolate cake with charming molten centre that are instantly made available to the guests.

Angel’s Share

Angel’s Share is an unassuming place inside a superb Japanese restaurant just in the vicinity of the animated East Village restaurant. A person has ethereal experience here as they are served the best variety of whiskey here. An attractive thing about the place is the discipline and the strict code of conduct that is followed here. The staff members are extremely professional and the whole experience of spending time at this lounge is unique and memorable.

New York City’s Compellingly Attractive Streets That Are A Delight To Eyes

Beautiful View Of New York City

Stuart Monk /

New York City is a bustling city as people are always in a hurry to reach to their destinations. Sometimes we are stuck in a traffic jams and sometimes the chaos simply worsen our mood; however, there are a number of positives in New York City that provoke one to love this place despite of the flaws that one experiences while living here. There are some compellingly attractive streets which offer pure delight to the visitors. People are straightaway attractive to the soothing beauty of the streets. Some of such alluring streets are included here.

Minetta Street In Greenwich Village

People are always surprised to locate this quaint and peaceful street amidst the hustle and bustle of the people roaming around. This street is an oasis for people as they experience a sense of calm and solitude while treading the street full of trees and admire the beautiful architecture of the 19th century here. There is a rich history of the place Minetta and people are always intrigued to find out more about the area. Moreover, the presence of some restaurants in the street offers the visitors a chance to sit, relax, and relish some beautiful works of literature in this ethereal atmosphere.

Washington Street

Washington Street is a world famous street as it offers a magnificent view of the Manhattan Bridge which is a delight to watch, especially at the sunset. One could also have glimpses of the iconic Empire State Building from in-between the iron legs of the bridge. The thrill of walking down the street and witnessing the images of two titanic buildings is unsurpassed.

Riverside Drive

The beauty of Riverside Drive has always fascinated the movie makers and directors as a number of movie scenes have been shot here. The natural beauty of the place along with townhouses and residential buildings built in granite and limestone offer great delight. People are mesmerized by the natural beautiful environment of this place.

Cranberry Street In Brooklyn Heights

Cranberry Street is among the streets in Brooklyn Heights that are named after the fruits, including Pineapple and Orange. It is a ridiculously charming street that is flanked by tall trees and has a number of colourful brownstones.

Convent Avenue In Harlem

Convent Avenue is a purely residential place that displays a unique and perfectly balanced combination of new and old architecture. One could locate historic and renowned homes here which are considered to be inhabited by Jimmy Rushing, Duke Ellington, to name a few. And at the same time, one could also find here the low-rise modern styled apartments.

Crosby Street In Soho

This cobblestoned street has always enchanted the elites who always spare some time to come and visit the posh bars, cafes, and boutiques here. The street is full of pre-war, bohemian architectural structures. The place is frequently visited by renowned personalities who couldn’t hold their temptation of experiencing the thrill of visiting this alluring street. The street always comes with a pleasant surprise for the visitors.

Guernsey Street In Greenpoint

Guernsey Street is flanked by locust trees and has all the elements that could elevate one’s aesthetic capabilities. The colourful houses in a row are different to the ubiquitous gray buildings in Manhattan. Moreover, the serenity of the place casts a magical spell on the visitors.

Eating Out At Some Of NYC’s Best Rooftop Restaurants

View Of New York City

If you want to have an elevated dining experience, in the literal sense, then go and grab something to eat and drink at any of the rooftop restaurants. And here are some of the best of such establishments that are open to the public


At Alma, guests are treated to fancy regional Mexican cuisine. The restaurant has a casually welcoming atmosphere across is three floors that offer different dining experiences, but the top floor, which is a rooftop patio, is the most popular of the three.  Guests can enjoy an array of meals as they take in the beauty of the Manhattan skyline.

Gallow Green

How about some breakfast with a view of clouds streaking the horizon as the sun gleams on the West Side building? That is the setting you will get at the Gallow Green. It is a rooftop restaurant with small green plants with lights around them. Lunch or dinner there will definitely be an excellent option for some romantic moments.

Mr. Purple

Mr. Purple is on the 15th floor of Hotel Indigo.  It may be a place to go a grab a scrumptious bite, but it is famed for is drinks. If you love hitting bars to enjoy a drink with the boys as you munch on hotdogs or mac and cheese burgers, then this is the place to be. The star attraction is the two terraces where one has a panoramic outdoor space and a swimming pool on the other.

Salvation Taco

When you get to Salvation Taco, first place your order while in the ground floor dining room before heading up to the terrace on the 17th floor.  If you go straight to the patio all you probably find are drinks and appetizers; so start with making your dining choice from the to-go menu at the dining room.


If you are looking for a joint with an American feel but serves oversees dishes, then head to Riverpark. Enjoy seafood cooked in a creative way and other choice meats such as duck meat, quail, and other cuts. It has huge windows stretching from the floor to the ceiling giving an open view of the East River. The patio is also a nice place to sit and enjoy a meal in the open air.


The tiny tables, a somewhat overly noisy setting, rust-stippled mirrors, many make Juliette seem like a less welcoming establishment. But, it has beautiful diners a menu that includes a wine list with some top-notch brands, and some creatively done meals. The rooftop is a great way to escape the buzzy-setting and enjoy a meal in the open air.

The Top Of The Standard

The name says a lot about the establishment.  The Top of the Standard hotel is more of a steakhouse offering beverages such as tea and other drinks during the day and small servings off the menu during the evening. It has several terraces, one that offers a 360-degree view of the city, located on the 18th floor and another that has a glass floor giving a view of the street below.

Things To Experience As A Resident Of New York City

Picture Of Neighbourhood In New York

For a person who is staying in the New York City for close to 50 years from the time one left college, life at the city has indeed brought in a number of experiences. Although the city might not be perfect, it has certain experiences to offer its residents, whether good or bad. What makes the city so interesting?


Whether it is cultural, financial, social or ethnic, the New York City has a lot of diversity to offer. This makes one come closer to the real world on a daily basis. It is true that the place offers one the opportunity to meet people from across the globe. In fact, one gets to meet some of the most talented and creative people in different walks of life. Since the city is so diverse, people with a good amount of money as well as time are often confused as to what they should do, given the large number of options available.


When one lives in the so-called real neighborhood in the New York City, one really learns the art of living and the procedure of growing. The city always has something or the other to offer to the learner; hence learning never stops in this city and there is always something new to explore.


Well, some may like the climate of the New York City while others might hate it. The point is that more often than not, the summer months are more challenging and grueling than the summers within the suburbs, and one might feel like fleeing the city. But during the rest of the year, the city experiences a quite pleasant climate.

Capability To Adapt

The city is indeed great at teaching one how to adapt. Whether it is about rushing to the workplace in crowded trains or purchasing a small air conditioning unit to cope up with the summer season, one learns the art of adaptation pretty well. Again, the city also makes one get adapted to a lot of walking, wherever one is living. Even if somebody is staying in a central location, the person has to first walk towards the subway station before making it to the platform. It has been proved that walking is good for health and enhances productivity, leading to a happier life.


It seems that everyone in New York City knows someone or the other.  If one is looking for a job or starting a business, it would be good to talk about it to the people one is meeting. People are always familiar with someone relevant and would be ready to connect one to that person. It might seem weird, but a complete business may be built through such connections just by telling people.

Those who have a penchant for the unknown, are in love with diversity, or have the habit of being curious about everything, will definitely fall in love with the city like anything, whether for a small number of years, or for the entire life.


Beautiful Central Park of New York

Central Park is arguably New York’s most notable and revered landmark. Nowadays, an amazing number of 42 million people pass through Central Park a year, enjoying Sheep Meadow’s gorgeous lake, and enchanting gardens. Here are some facts about Central Park you may not know.

Back in 1853 the city’s governing body passed a law which stated 750 acres of land will be allocated for a park. However, according to Set Kamil, whose company has been offering tours of Central park for over 25 years, most of the land which now makes Central Park was of little value. He believes the purpose of the park back then was to increase the value of the neighboring properties. The terrain was too hard to be leveled, as well as unappealing, which lead to the decision for the area to be converted to a park.

The first proponent of the park was New York Evening Post’s editor William Cullen Bryant. He first asked for a new park in 1844, saying it would be good for people’s health and for the city in general. The designing rights were won in an open public competition. The winners of the competition were Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux, who managed to gain the rights to design Central Park in 1858. Sheep Meadow, Belvedere Tower, Bethesda Fountain and the rest of the key features came into being thanks to these two.

According to Kamil, the sheep were there for aesthetic reasons. However, they were only released into Sheep Meadow twice a day and otherwise kept somewhere else. Central Park was meant to be a miniature picture of New York. As you move from the north to the south you will be reminded of the hills and woods surrounding the city, and as you reach the southern part you should be reminded of the city and its upscale suburbs surrounding it.

The Ladies Refreshment Salon was a place where single women of the 19th century could go without the company of a man. Later on, the Salon was converted into the Casino, which during the Prohibition offered really good entertainment by mayor Jimmy Walker.

The government body of New York City acquired the land of today’s park for an astounding $7.4 million. In comparison, the US bought the entire state of Alaska for $7.2 million from Russia.

Called Seneca Village, there were over 250 people living and owning properties on the west side of the park. The city methodically displaced all the families from the land.

The designers designed the park for people to enjoy a long walk and admire the views. They explicitly stated they didn’t want children to run across the grass.

According to Kamil, every book on the subject claimed that there were cannonballs inserted into the foundations of the bridge. However, when it was renovated, no such things were found.

The roads and paths of the park were intentionally designed like that in order to prevent horse and carriage races. The designers foresaw the people’s need for speed, and tried to act accordingly.


New York Time Square
Luciano Mortula /

Without a doubt, one of New York’s most popular landmarks is Times Square. Here are nine facts you may not have known about Times Square.

Almost everything can be seen or heard on Times Square, from impatient drivers and their horns to tourists taking countless snapshots. All of those are just a tiny part of the essence that makes this place what it is. Due to its location, in central Manhattan, the number of people passing through is in the millions. However, despite all of the madness and chaos, Times Square is packed with historic bits and pieces that are hard to find. Let’s take a look at the things this iconic location has to show.


While the ball drop at New Year’s Eve makes it very popular, this piece of architecture has little else to offer. Built in 1904, a time when the city was only starting to develop, with the purpose serve as the HQ building of the New York Times. It was only reconstructed into the huge advertising board that it is today in 1995 by the Lehman Brothers. It is now owned by Jamestown Properties. Apart from the first three stories and the top one, which are being rented, the rest of the space is completely empty. However, that huge advertising board brings more than $20 million annually.


Longacre Square was the first name of the place. It was named Times Square only after the New York Times brought their HQ in 1904. The thing is, although the word square is in both names, it’s actually not one. Times Square actually has the shape of a triangle.


It’s not a widely known fact that during the ‘60s, ‘70s and ’80 of the 20th century, Times Square was completely opposite of today, in terms of safety and popularity. In that period people would go anywhere in New York but there. It was the place where prostitution and adult industry thrived the most. Also, it was the fear of all the other criminal activity in the area that kept people out.


The textured sounds originate from a subway grate. According to its creator, Max Neuhaus, the constant loop of sounds is intentionally created to not be simply noticed by everyone, but only the adventurous individuals.


Lichtenstein, born and bred in New York, created this masterpiece for the subway. Using comics as a source of inspiration, this mural portrays a train from the future which shoots through the subway.


In the beginning of the 20th century, Times Square was the heart of the city’s Theater Districts. Many theaters were built there, and some of them were pretty luxurious. Most of these structures, however, ended up either in ruins or repurposed as movie theaters and porno theaters after the Great Depression. Nevertheless there are still fragments of those dazzling structures at a number of locations.


Although it is still unknown who the people in the picture are, the whole world has seen the photograph, taken on Times Square, of a soldier kissing a nurse which marks the end of WWII. That particular photograph was taken by Alfred Eisenstaedt.


Located in a townhouse on W. 46th Street, many popular theater actors visit this hidden establishment called Bar Centrale. Although it’s not the only bar of its type in the city, this bar does offer the utmost discretion.


If you don’t pay attention to your watch, it’s really easy to lose track of time on Times Square. The way it has been lit, it can easily fool you into thinking its natural daylight. It is visible from outer space.