Skin and Hair Benefits of Onion Juice

Onion is often used for spicing up the taste of several dishes. The nutrients present in onions are considered to be essential for the growth of our cells. It also helps to regulate enough blood to the tissues, which protects the skin from getting infected by germs. On the other hand, onion helps our hair to stay young. This particular vegetable prevents the premature graying of our hair, and is dark pink in color. Suppose you have been bitten by an insect. The bitten area is obviously irritating you. To get rid of the irritation and to heal the area, you can apply some amounts of onion extracts on that particular part of the body. The antiseptic properties of onion do not let the infection spread. These are only a few characteristics of onions. In this article, we would talk about the benefits that our skin and hair can gain from the juice of the vegetable.

Prevents skin disease

The onions are full of anti-pathogen properties. The property of this vegetable includes both anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties. It is also anti-inflammatory in nature. Therefore, the properties that have been mentioned above clears all the doubts. The germs are not allowed to enter our body; therefore, chances of skin diseases are prevented.

Prevents cell aging

The high contents of vitamins in the vegetable make onion the best product for preventing the signs of aging. The antioxidants present in onion keeps the skin cells protected from the solar rays. This means that the elasticity of the skin is not lost because of the extreme heat generated by the sun. Therefore, wrinkles and other signs of aging is avoided.


Dark spots are removed

Skin pigmentation and dark spots can be got rid of if onion juice is either consumed or applied on the affected area. In case you want to apply the juice directly on the skin, mix some drops of honey into it.

Let us now find out the benefits of onion juice for our hair.

Strengthens the hair

To make the hair strong from within you can mix few drops of honey with onion juice and apply a gentle massage on your scalp.

Hair loss is prevented

If onion juice is used for hair massage, the problems related to dandruff and the loss of hair are kept at bay.

Yes, onion juice is very helpful for our skin and hair. Complement its use with that of the right Orogold product and you will see the difference.

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