Restaurants In New York Serving Appetizing And Authentic Chinese Food

People Are Enjoying Their Meal

New York is always bustling with energy as people flock in various areas to enjoy themselves. And, to corroborate their frolics are the beautiful Chinese restaurants which could be found almost in every block in the city beautiful. These restaurants are very popular among the locals; however, there are just a few of them that specialize in providing the authentic Chinese taste to people. These restaurants strive hard to ensure that they bring the most genuine taste right from China. The chefs are experienced, and the ingredients are imported from China as well. Some of these restaurants maintaining Chinese authentic taste are included here.

Nan Xiang Dumpling House

Most of the people in US will bet that dim sums are the traditional dish to be taken in the breakfast by the Chinese, and so, they are accustomed to see dim sums being served in virtually every restaurant in NYC. However, they are simply following the Cantonese tradition as the restaurant that served the authentic Shanghainese breakfast is none other than Nan Xiang Dumpling House. Here, you will find the fried dough sticks that are dipped in bowls and are served with home prepared hot soymilk. Just the thoughts about this dish would compel one to dash into the restaurant. The restaurant also excels in serving soup dumplings, or the Xiao long bao, as they call it.

Lucky Eight

As soon as you head towards Brooklyn you couldn’t resist your temptation of visiting Lucky Eight in order to taste the heavenly roasted pork and duck transport you to the other world. You just need to visit the restaurant once and the next time you will be overpowered to visit it to taste luscious chicken that is served along with bitter melon.

Grand Sichuan

Grand Sichuan has amassed reverence from a number of people of NYC over a period of time, who have made it a point to get lunches only from here. Such is the aromatic magic of the place that the restaurant has a large number of repeat visitors to this place. Some of the dishes which adorn the menu of the restaurant include Chong Qing, the most adorable spicy chicken. Then, there is the minced pork that is served along with green beans that are dried sautéed. Of course, there is one shredded duck that you get along with spring ginger.

Lan Sheng

Lan Sheng is the most loved place for the sea-food lovers. One could satiate their desire of eating exotic seafood here, including even eel! Moreover, frog is also served here and it is served spicy and hot. Then, there is the pork bone soup as well that never fails to meet up the expectations of the people. This soup abounds in collagen that is beneficial for retaining the plumpness of the skin.

Golden Unicorn

Most of the people are willing to do away with their early morning sleep just to make it to Golden Unicorn and taste its beautiful dim sums that are served along with the scrumptious Bekki. Some of the other authentic Chinese dishes of the restaurant include pork spareribs, char siu bao, to name but a few.

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