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OROGOLD Cosmetics believes in offering its customers with the very best in terms of skin care products and store experiences. This section has been entirely dedicated to the reviews that our products and services have received from our guests. Each of these reviews has been provided by others like you and they should help you to understand exactly what to expect from the OROGOLD Store in New York City.

OROGOLD New York Store Front

Feel refreshed at the OROGOLD store New York
OROGOLD Store in New York eliminates all the disappointments which you have with your skin. It is a complete skin care store in New York City which will make you feel at home. The friendly and knowledgeable staff at OROGOLD store would address your skin concerns systematically and give you the required product trial before you make a purchase. They would tell you about the benefits and the usage, and you will see and feel amazing results. It is a perfect skin investment that you will never regret and would love to visit the store again and again for different skin treatments that will always make you feel gorgeous.

Some skin problems are beyond the control like acne. This is quite distressing for people and OROGOLD store’s skin experts will be happy to help you with your skin needs. They are skin professionals with fine knowledge about the skin treatment and products at OROGOLD store that will suit your skin.

Visit the OROGOLD Store for Luxe Skin Treats
The OROGOLD store has been serving its customers since 2008 and each time you pay a visit to the store, it is unique as well as pleasurable. The skin experts will analyze your skin and provide a healthy range of products that will give you complete satisfaction. Whether you have acne, wrinkles or some other aging problems, the OROGOLD store products will always leave your skin radiantly glowing, pampered and beautiful.

The skin care specialists at the store will listen to your skin care needs and offer quality treatment and products that will refresh your skin from within. For men and woman both, the place is comfortable, relaxing and welcoming. The staff will take care of your face, and other skin needs precisely and the results of the treatment you take at the store will be highly pleasing and even astonishing.

You will not have to worry about wrinkles, fine lines, blemishes and different other aging problems when you start using the OROGOLD products regularly.

You may need to take few sessions for serious skin problems but you will soon experience a major change in your skin. It will start glowing, look fresher and make you feel complete. It is so because at OROGOLD there are no chemical loaded products. You only get rich organic and natural products that will never harm your skin in any way.

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I recently visited the Midtown store of OROGOLD, a product that I was wanting to try out simply because I was a huge Denise Richards fan.

My first impression after stepping foot into the store was “Wow”. As one would expect from a luxury brand, the store was dripping with luxury. Super comfy sofas, beautifully displayed products and helpful staff – everything was just perfect.

I was greeted by a sales girl who seemed to be highly informative. I was actually thinking about her beautiful dress  when it struck me that she wasn’t just any sales girl. She was a skin care specialist who was hired by OROGOLD to help clients select the right product. I mean wow. Talk about treating your customers with the very best services.

OROGOLD New York In Store View

Well, being a skin care specialist, she immediately caught hold of my major skin problems and advised me products accordingly. I was allowed to try out any product that I liked to see how it suit my skin. And all these product trials were for free. I was even offered with a free facial using luxurious OROGOLD collections if I came back to the store for a refill.

I was extremely excited as I chose a product that would be used on my skin as a free product trial. After much thinking and analysis, the skin care specialist herself suggested the 24K DMAE Collection to me. She explained that this series instantly lifts the skin and makes it firm which is exactly what my skin needed at that point of time. It repairs the effects of time, moisturizes the skin from deep within and makes the complexion radiant and youthful. She informed me that this collection has been nourished with the perfect blend of botanicals and will help give my skin a new look and feel.

There were 4 products in this collection which was 24K DMAE Instant Stretching Mask, 24K DMAE Lifting Concentrate Serum, 24K DMAE Deep Wrinkle Tightening Solution and 24K DMAE Lifting and Firming Cream.

I have always been a person who is fond of applying mask and packs on my face as I feel that my face is my personality. This is the reason I chose to try out the Instant Stretching Mask for my trial. Moreover, the specialist informed me that this product was loaded with natural and active ingredients such as Gold, Vitamin A and E along with DMAE; all of which would help make my skin look younger, healthier and tighter than before.

I was seated on this extremely luxurious and inviting sofa which made me feel so relaxed just by sitting on it. A technician entered the room in which I was seated and explained to me that she would help me with the product trial. She started to apply the mask on the centre of my face with the help of a spatula and slowly worked her way out. While her hands moved over my entire face, she kept on informing me what she was doing and why and what benefits I would receive from the mask. After 15 minutes of the application, she rinsed off my face with cool water and removed the mask completely.

Honestly, it took me around a minute to realize that the person sitting on the sofa and staring right into the mirror in front was really me!! I was so amazed because the person I saw in the mirror seemed to be 10 years younger and had smooth and healthy skin which I had never seen before. I just made up my mind immediately and purchased the entire collection. Seeing the instantaneous and extraordinary results, I now think that every penny spent on these products have been absolutely worth it and if given a chance I would love to try out another collection that Orogold has to offer.

Being too engrossed in my work and following a very tight daily schedule, I do not get much time for my wife and kids. This was the major reason I couldn’t say no to my wife when she asked me to accompany her and the kids to Madison Avenue for some shopping.

As we were browsing through the stores, my wife suddenly entered a clothes store and dragged both the kids with her. I feel absolutely lost in such stores and decided to wander around the area on my own for a while.

This was when I stumbled upon the Oro gold Cosmetics Store and found myself standing right in front of it. I saw a salesman hand out free samples to customers passing by and inviting them in for more free trials. Sure enough, the first thought that came to my mind was that this was unlike any other cosmetic store that makes use of advertising gimmicks.

I guess it was the friendly and courteous nature of the salesman that made me enter the store only to find it dipping in luxury and style and making a statement of its own. I was quite sure that this store is not like any other skin care store and needed some attention.

The salesman was so courteous and smart to talk to that I found myself getting more and more engrossed in the products and services this brand has to offer. I was completely amazed when I learnt that Orogold is a brand that uses pure gold in its products along with luxurious ingredients that work wonders for the skin and help treat various kinds of skin issues and problems with ease. In addition, these products are so designed that they suit all types of skin and are equally effective on them all.

I was particularly interested in the 24K Men’s Collection (yes, I just avoided the products made for women!) which was designed keeping in mind men’s skin care needs and requirements. This collection boasted of some amazing ingredients such as vitamins and pure gold and was perfect enough to fit into my quick daily skin care routine.

I was also offered a free facial massage using the best of Oro gold products. Even though I was getting late to meet my wife, the thought of getting the feel of such amazing ingredients on my skin got the better of me and I just couldn’t say no! I have never felt so relieved and relaxed as I did during that facial that left me asking for more at the end of it. I quickly purchased the men’s collection and hurried out of the store but only after promising to myself that I would be back soon for an even better experience the next time round.

OROGOLD is definitely one of the best skin care experiences I have treated my skin to. Right from the luxurious store experience and the super fancy gold packaging all the way to the delicate latin and product itself, I loved everything that this brand has to offer.

Enjoying the New York Orogold Experience
To enjoy the best skin care treatment and have a wonderful experience at the cosmetic store, nothing compares to the OROGOLD store service. The OROGOLD stores at New York welcomes people of all age groups to get rid of different skin problems. Who doesn’t want a refreshing and rejuvenated looking skin, after all? The products at OROGOLD store are efficient and can be used on a daily basis for getting a flawless skin.

Why OROGOLD is Advantageous to Remove the Look of Wrinkles?
Wrinkles tend to appear on the skin because of facial expressions. Wrinkles are folds or ridges of the skin, and most commonly wrinkles appear during old age. Sun damage, smoking, exposure to the sun and various other reasons are also a cause for wrinkles. When one gets old, skin gets dry, thin and more elastic that can cause wrinkles.

The use of OROGOLD products is advantageous as the products can make your skin look good and help you get rid the look of wrinkles. It will bring back that youthful looking face that you always had. All you would need to do is get the right product from OROGOLD and use it regularly for seeing a huge difference in your skin. It is possible the products are made with natural ingredients where gold is one of those important ingredients. Thus, the products are helpful to give a smoother looking skin, and you get a wrinkle free skin.

The OROGOLD Store in New York:
The store is designed in a luxurious way with classy interiors, and there are right skin care specialists to address your skin needs appropriately. They offer luxurious spa and skin facial treatment to help one reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Even for other skin problems that give a dull look to your face, our skin specialists offer exemplary range of OROGOLD products that will relax the muscles of the face and make it look more fresh and younger than before.

The changes you see in your skin will be surprising because the store has everything for every skin type. You do not have to go very far to buy the best quality skin product. The appearance of the fine lines will soften, and the damage will no longer will be seen after proper usage of the skin care cosmetics available at the store. It may take some time but you will experience a huge difference. It is because the products defend your skin from the damage and breathes life into it.

Treat Your Skin at OROGOLD New York
Who doesn’t wish for a beautiful and flawless skin? It can be difficult to keep your skin healthy, but with OROGOLD you can get the skin of your dreams. The OROGOLD range of skin care products is the answer to different types of stubborn skin problems that haunt people because of their permanency. If you want to get rid of such skin problems like aging, acne or pigmentation, then OROGOLD skin care products are surely going to fill you with awe.

Each product has the presence of a rich ingredient, ‘Gold’ that has been doing wonders on the skin of many. The ingredients are a combination of natural things that are outstanding for your skin and assure fast results. For example, premature aging is a sign of distress among youths. Wrinkles, fine lines, and other aging signs do not fade away on their own. A proper treatment is needed, and OROGOLD has the potential to give your skin that phenomenal nourishment it needs. It is because all the products are created naturally, and you see fabulous results within weeks. A gorgeous and glowing look will never leave you if you select from the OROGOLD range of skin care products.

Why is OROGOLD unique?
Not every skin problem or the cause of that skin issue is the same. Thus, the skin treatment should be suitable as per your skin type and issue. At OROGOLD store New York, you will experience that the skin problems are addressed in a unique way by the skin experts. They will handle the skin complaints professionally keeping your considerations on a high priority. If your skin is dry, they will offer the best OROGOLD skin care moisturizer that fits your skin type. If the skin is sensitive or dry, they will offer something mild for the skin that prevents irritation and make you feel gorgeous.

The range of OROGOLD products at the store is vast, and the skin treatment unique. You can also enjoy the facial at the store itself and see the difference that your skin will feel. In beautiful interiors, private room and relaxing environment, the luxurious skin friendly products used for the facial will make your skin feel pampered. It will cleanse the skin deeply and enhance the glow on your skin. So, make a difference to your skin today with OROGOLD.

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