OROGOLD New York Store Review

Orogold has been offering customers with luxury skin care products all along. With an endeavor to offer best experiences for all customers, whether it be when using the products or buying them, Orogold cosmetic stores are a class of their own. We pride in offering our customers the best of products and the reviews below just give testimony to this fact.

OROGOLD New York Store Front


I love being a part of New York. I remember coming to the city a few years back, and it’s changed a lot since then.

Ranked as one of the best metropolises in the world, New York is destination for any maverick traveler. With unique identities and cultures, New York is much beyond than what any regular GK holder should say – the land of Statue of Liberty of the Times Square. Larger than life attractions may be the first reason to visit New York for the first time, but then, there are more than these reasons to fall in love with this city. Change is one thing that I feel is constant in this city; so if you have visited New York some four years ago, don’t be amazed when you witness the apparent changes in the city.

Even if travelling alone, New York will not let you understand how your time will pass away. It does not need any occasion to be cheerful or vibrant. So whenever you are in New York let loose yourself and enjoy the high beats of life!
For shopaholics like me, New York is almost a paradise. From local designers to international brands, New York is the land for shopping you heart out. Set you budget and enjoy the shopping spree. The 57th Street is probably the most popular of the all the tourist attractions!

I had promised to visit the OROGOLD Store this time, located in Midtown. It’s pretty easy to find it and had everything from super comfy products to all the beauty products that I could have possibly imagined.

You can locate the store if you keep a tab on where are Bank United, Subway and Harley Davidson. Sandwiched between a Starbucks Cafe and a restaurant, OROGOLD Store is another major attraction on the 57th Street. Dipped with luxury, my first impression of the OROGOLD Store met my expectations – there are plenty of products to help you pamper and treat the damaged skin cells to get the lost charm.
I noticed the store is brightly colored with amazing black and gold interiors. With the brightest opulent finish over white shades, it makes the store look even more majestic.

In fact, I found it’s one of the finest indulgences offered by the OROGOLD Store of all the 22 stores running globally. This also helps to create the best ambience for the customers who opt for buying the store is best suited with the poshest and luxurious setting for the skin care.

I found the customer support pleasant too. The skin care professionals are there to help you get the best deal of the products from their wide collection suiting your need and demand. Also, they offer you with the smartest skin care tips to rejuvenate your cells. Needless to say, the customer service personnel will make your cosmetic shopping absolutely impeccable.

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