Incredibly Amazing And Thoroughly Refreshing Day Trips From New York City

Beautiful View Of New York

New York City has never failed to impress the visitors; however, for all those visitors and locals who are looking for some kind of change, then there is a dazzling array of options for them. There are incredible day trips that could be taken from New York City which could leave one awestruck. There are a great number of sandy beaches, seaside communities, and historic estates that are not only beautiful but mesmerizing. One’s attention is completely riveted to these structures straightaway, and one couldn’t help but acknowledge the fascinating beauty of these spots. Here is a list of such amazing spots in New York City’s vicinity.

Port Jefferson

Port Jefferson is the best place to visit for someone who is looking to take a break from his mundane lifestyle. Quaint storefronts, idyllic surroundings, and historic buildings provide a perfect environment for quiet contemplation. Moreover, the culinary scene of the island is worth appreciating as well, since the restaurants here serve amazingly appealing and appetizing food. For instance, brunch at ‘Toast’ is not only sumptuous but also elevating. And then, there is ‘Brewology 295’ that serves a variety of cocktails, including the most liked cocktail called ‘The Maple Fashion’. Similarly, the fun of dining in the porch of ‘Fifth Season’ is unsurpassed.


Babylon is a small and cosy village on New York City’s south shore. The place is well-known for offering a great variety of food options, including the irresistible sushi served at Kotobuki. One could embark upon paddle boards to explore the sea here.

West Sayville

Long Island in West Sayville is a frequently visited destination for its famed Maritime Museum that has a rich nautical history. One could witness amazing small crafts aboard shipwrecks here and find out intricate details about the intriguing historical past. Moreover, there are plenty of dining options as well. All in all, the place provides a perfect environment for the people who love to revel in the delights of nature.

Lloyd Harbour

Lloyd Harbour is famous for its Caumsett State Park. The hikes here are mild and the breathtaking views of the surroundings captivate a person instantly. The paths are well-marked and take one through Henry Lloyd Manor House. Along with this splendid house one also witnesses a walled garden, horse stables, and a number of cottages on their way. Moreover, there is the ultimate pebbled beach that offers exhilarating experience to the visitors.

Shelter Island

Shelter Island is solely meant for those people who want to soak themselves in the tranquil and serene surroundings. The atmosphere here is starkly different from the bustling life of New York City. The journey to Shelter Island via a ferry from Greenport is itself calming and soothing. There are plenty of options to rejuvenate here, since one could either traverse the hikes of Mashomack Nature Preserve, or even rent a kayak to explore the Coecles Harbour Marine Water Trail. Apart from this, there are a number of dining options as well. For instance, the sunset dinner at ‘Salt’ on the marina is simply stunning and unforgettable.

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