How to Get Pro Pedicures at Home

Woman doing her nails.

Different skin treatments can be carried out in your home too, like pedicure.

• Get all the supplies together – In order to give yourself a food quality pedicure, you will first need to gather some basic supplies. These would include a round tub and warm water, nail file and clippers, cuticle stick, pumice stone, nail buffer and the nail polish of your choice.

• Remove old nail polish if any – Even before you start the pedicure, remove the old nail polish on your toenails for a thorough cleaning.

• Soak your feet in water – Fill the tub with warm water and bath salts if you have them. Soak your feet in it for 10 minutes to help get rid of the dirt and dust and also soften the tough calluses.

• Cut your nails and file them – Take out one foot at a time from the tub. Wipe dry and trim down the nails using the nail clippers. Using the nail buffer, buff down the sharp edges.

• Prepare the cuticles – Use the cuticle stick to push back the cuticles gently around each of the nails. The excess cuticle skin can be cut away with a cuticle trimmer.

• Smooth the nails top – The buffing pad can be used to file down the ridges and rough edges on the nails top. Use the pad in the same direction and reach each toe nails completely by tilting the angles at the sides.

• Soften and clean the skin – Once you are done with the toenails, move the feet. Scrub out all the calluses on your heel and the ball of the foot with the help of the pumice stone. The skin in this area is thick and requires extensive scrubbing. Add soap on the brush and clean between the toes for a thorough cleaning.

• Finish off well – Once this is done, remove feet from the tub and empty out the contents. Pat dry the skin and massage some feet lotion on the skin to moisturize and nourish it. Wear your home slippers as your feet might get dirty by coming in direct contact with the ground.

• Apply the polish – Add a base coat first as this will help protect your toenails. A clear nail polish works great as a base coat. When done, apply the color of your choice. It is always better to apply 2 layers of any polish as this helps give a thick layer on your nails and the true color of the polish emerges over it. Add a clear top coat at the end to set the polish in place.

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