Five New York City Restaurants That Heighten Culinary Delights

People Enjoying Their Meal

New York City is one of the vibrant places in the US. And, the most element of the place is the appetizing food it has to offer to the visitors. People are often amazed by the variety of food options available in NYC. Moreover, what is even more intriguing is the delicious taste of the food that heightens the culinary delights. So, here is a list of five of the many New York City restaurants that simply stun the visitors.

Round K Cafe

Round K Cafe located at 99 Allen St. excels in providing unique variety of food items to the visitors. In fact, the place has always been a hit among the foodies for the delicious items it has to offer. People are intrigued by the delectable smell wafting from the food items. The home-roasted coffee and pastries are hit among the people. Moreover, its latest inclusion is the cake that is called ‘Raindrop Cake’. The cake is very popular and it appears like a huge raindrop. It is actually very similar in taste to conventional mochi called Mizu Shingen Mochi.


The seemingly unassuming place located at 206 Ave A is one of the most unusual places that one could visit. This bizarre yet appealing restaurant attracts the tourists as soon as they are able to locate it. Yes, locating the restaurant can be really tough for the first timers since it has a ‘secret entrance’. However, this feature doesn’t affect the quality of food offered at the restaurant. This can be gauged from the number of people who have to invariably leave the place because of the rush. Moreover, the seating capacity is kept to 20 in order to maintain the queer characteristics of the place may be. But, the dining experience can be unusual and attractive.

Perla Cafe

Perla Cafe has found its new location at 234 W 4th St. First timers might be wary of the new location of the restaurant, however, the return visitors know exactly what quality this Italian eatery maintains. They know how heavenly it feels like to be munching gnocchi that is served along with ricotta and spicy tomato. Or, how fettucine all’ amatriciana can transport them to the other world. Moreover, the availability of a variety of wines is another plus factor of dining here.

Prime Meats

Prime Meats located at 465 Court St. in Brooklyn is one of those farm-to-table restaurants that have never failed to meet the expectations of the visitors. The organic produce is imported from none other than Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative, and the meat that it procures is also prepared from livestock that are naturally raised. The companies providing it meat include Spitler and DeBragga. It focuses upon the German cuisine and offers the authentic taste of the cuisine to its diners.

La Sirena

La Sirena at 88 9th Ave is a famed restaurant because of the popularity of its chefs Joe Bastianich and Mario Batali, who are the owners of this restaurant as well. People are captivated by its Italian decor. Moreover, the upscale menu is also a hit among the elites. Some of the yummiest dishes of the restaurant are the sebadas which is a pastry prepared by combining fried dough, cheese prepared from sheep’s milk, and honey.

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