City View Of Manhattan

Once a New Yorker, always a New Yorker! You really need to live, breathe and feel the city in order to understand it. Referred to as The City That Never Sleeps and The Big Apple, New York is known by many names that reflect its various aspects. The city boasts of outstanding museums, art galleries, and some of the best restaurants in the world. New attractions, businesses, plush new hotels, swanky bars and eateries keep popping all the time.

Whether you are New Yorker looking to relocated to a new neighborhood in the city or someone planning to visit the city soon, it makes sense to know the place you are going to. There are numerous online and offline sources that can give you the latest piece of news about the city.

However, given the fact that this city is super dynamic and things emerge and fizzle out in matter of seconds, even six daily newspapers may fall short to cover all the happenings in the various neighborhoods in the city.

Today, we are more dependent on our smartphones, tablets or palmtops for our share of everyday news. What can be better than getting the most recent news from someone who has firsthand knowledge and awareness regarding the same?

The New York neighborhood blogs have become some of the most reliable sources to get the latest scoop of news and top stories. From the new developments in the neighborhood subway to opening of new corner businesses or bars, you will get all the updates right here.

So, if you are going to Brooklyn for business or you plan to visit Manhattan for shopping, you may check the NYC neighborhood blogs to know the best spots. These blogs have become a wonderful and reliable source as they extensively cover the tiniest happenings in the neighborhood. This is simply because the happenings are reported by someone who actually lives in the neighborhoods; hence, the coverage is quick and reliable.

EV Grieve, for example, gives you the nitty-gritty details of East Village and there cannot be a better place than Bowery Boogie to look for news about North Brooklyn. Washington Square Park Blog was started as an online medium to cover the developments of the park but today it is a blog that covers almost everything about Greenwich Village.

Some of these New York neighborhood blogs are much more than just a reliable online resource for local news. They also cover travel guides and tops attractions that you might not want to miss while you are in this part of the city. It might include the best places to eat, what to see in order to experience the culture, entertainment and nightlife options in the neighborhood, etc.

What Makes These Blogs So Popular?

The personal touch of the writers or journalists makes these blogs all the more popular. It is like getting real information from a friend who stays in the neighborhood. Furthermore, the informal tone of the blogs makes them interesting to read. For example, Gowanus Your Face Off and Pardon Me for Asking not only give you the latest details regarding the neighborhoods, but the friendly tone and liveliness of the blogs make them more appealing.

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