About OROGOLD New York

About OROGOLD New York

New York, also known as the city of endless possibilities is famous as one of the most vibrant and sprawling metropolises in the world. The city occupies five different boroughs, each of which are known to have their own unique identities and cultures. First time travelers might get attracted to the Times Square, the Statue of Liberty and other larger than life attractions, but if you’re visiting New York for the second time, you’re more likely to explore its various neighborhoods, spend time in its quaint shops and wine and dine in some of the most fantastic restaurants that the city has to offer.  New York might seem to be pretty much straightforward, but it is actually very complex. It has its own standards of time and time itself is known to pass much faster in the city. Change is omnipresent and the city is famous for shifting gears every week or so in search of the next best thing. It doesn’t matter when you visit New York and how many times you do so, as there will always be new and unique things for you to enjoy and become a part of.

One of the best indulgences in New York is shopping. After all, the city is home to almost all major brands in the world and it also has its fair share of local designers and unique goods. Irrespective of your budgets or your styles, you’re bound to find something just perfect while in New York. One of the most popular tourist destinations in New York is the 57th Street. The area is full of designer boutiques, trendy restaurants, art galleries, vibrant cafes and luxurious stores. The OROGOLD Store New York is located on 57th Street, sandwiched in between a restaurant and a Starbucks Cafe. Other popular landmarks next to the OROGOLD Store include Bank United, Subway and Harley Davidson. The unique location ensures that you have a wide range of shopping and eating opportunities to choose from  while visiting the OROGOLD Store in New York.


The store itself is famous for being an oasis of luxury. If you’re tired of walking around the area and exploring the various attractions that it has to offer, step into the OROGOLD Store and treat your damaged skin and aching body to some of the finest indulgences that America has to offer. The white opulence finish gives the store that perfect luxurious setting and the gold and black interiors simply add onto the charm. Apart from offering guests with a luxurious setting and relaxing sofas, the OROGOLD Store New York also creates the perfect shopping environment where guests can try out their favorite skin care products for free and purchase ones that are suitable to their skin. The store also employs highly trained skin care specialists who can advise guests on their skin problems and help them to choose solutions that work perfectly for their skin.

The staff employed by OROGOLD are also known to be highly trained to ensure that the customers are made to feel completely at ease. These customer service personnel are always ready to help out and offer valuable skin care tips that can help the guests to transform their skin care routines in order to make them more effective.

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