5 Rarely Explored North American Travel Spots

North America

The turquoise waters of the Tamul Waterfall are as wondrous as the journey to reach them. A short vacation is often exactly what is required to let off some steam and get back to work with renewed vigor. However, for short getaways, one is often strapped for ideas. We inevitably end up with locations that are either too popular or just too out of reach for the amount of time you have. But do not allow that to deter you from taking that break you need!

OROGOLD brings you 5 underrated vacation spots that you can go to without leaving North America.

Sima de las Cotorras, Mexico
 A striking 160 km wide sinkhole that goes down for a dizzying 140 meters is definitely a sight worth seeing. With ancient red paintings decorating the insides of this sinkhole and streams of green parrots pouring out of its mouth at daybreak make it one of the most spectacular vistas in North America, if not the world. Its exclusive tours are reserved quickly so it would be a good idea to get a jump on the bookings.

Taos Ski Valley, New Mexico
If you enjoy skiing then Taos Ski valley is the location for you. Not popular once upon a time due to underdevelopment it has finally caught up with its bigger cousins. With improved snow-making facilities and new runs being opened up this is one location that is definitely going to see a spurt in tourism over the next few years. A strong local presence and an artists’ colony lend this valley a distinct culture and make it a wonderful getaway even in between ski seasons.

Athabasca Glacier, Canada
Situated in the Canadian Rockies, this is a glacial adventure unlike any other. You can book a guided tour wherein you have to travel on the ice explorer, a vehicle designed to travel on glaciers. There is a wealth of information to be learned on such tours about the age of the glacier and its impact on the environment. You can also choose to walk up to the top of the glacier, which might be a little taxing, but can be an experience you cherish forever. The view of the snow-capped Rockies coupled with the wave-like formations of the glacier make it one of the most beautiful sights in the American Continent.

Tamul Falls, Mexico
Barely a day’s drive from Texas, located in the San Luis Potosi state, these turquoise falls are worth a visit if nature is your drug of choice. You can also choose to raft up the canyon and take in the spellbinding ruins of the old city of Tamtoc and natural rock formations before reaching these beautiful falls. While it continues to maintain a low profile because of its remote location, it is definitely an awe-inspiring experience for nature lovers.

Quebec City, Quebec
If the tag of a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its perfectly preserved 17th century Old Town isn’t enough for you, visit Quebec for its marvelous array of culinary delights. With classic gourmet French and Quebecois cooking and brilliant ski runs at Monte Ste Anne it is a tourist delight. It’s Marche de Vieux Port witnesses a throng of visitors for its various culinary experiments. It also holds some of the most popular festivals in the country like the Winter Carnival or the Summer Music Festival.

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