Exploring Tranquil And Soothing Islands In New York City

View Of Roosevelt Island With Lighthouse

People are leading a chaotic life nowadays, and they are always seen complaining about the scarcity of time. So, they often complain that they never have enough time to go to some idyllic place in order to get that most sought after respite from the frenzied pace of life. However, people in NYC need not worry about finding such a location, since they can easily locate beautiful islands in NYC that are sure to offer them the best environment for relaxation. Here are some of the tranquil and soothing islands of NYC that are sure to mesmerize the visitors with their hypnotic charm.

Randall’s Island

Randall’s Island is located between Queens and Upper Manhattan and is a great spot to visit, especially for nature lovers and music lovers, since the place now hosts a number of musical festivals. The place is known for holding Olympic trials in 1936 as it used to serve as a stadium then. There is a dazzling array of scintillating facilities available here as there is the golf facility, eight miles beautiful path for walkers, bikers, and joggers. The track passes through waterfront areas and wetlands, and offers great experience to visitors. The best part is that there are a number of festivals that are held here during different seasons, like Panorama, Electric Zoo, etc.

Roosevelt Island

Roosevelt Island is another central park that has a lot to offer to the visitors. It is a quaint island with small town vibe. People are always enchanted by the idea of looping around the island in the Red Bus, and admiring the beauty of the place. There is greenery all around the park, as there is the Four Freedoms Park which is located towards the south. And then, there is the ‘Light House Park’ which is located towards the north. Moreover, there is a 60-foot pool as well which is located in the apartment complex in Manhattan Park, and is suitable for sunbathing and swimming. The island is easily accessible via tram and bus.

Governor’s Island

Governor’s Island has a rich historical past, as it served as the battleground. So, as expected, some part of the island is now designated as ‘National Historic District,’ and the forts have been declared as national monument. And, the rest of the park has been converted into public space and parkland. Tourists love the idea of exploring the island on Citi Bikes, which enable them see various playgrounds, ballfields, and a mesmerizing sightseeing promenade. People are invariably attracted towards ‘The Hills’ which is a picturesque spot that offers breathtaking views of the harbour, Statue of Liberty, and downtown Manhattan.

City Island

City Island has peaceful history as it was the main centre for shipbuilding and fishing during the 19th century. Though the number of people living on the island is small, still there is a dazzling array of shops, yacht clubs, and restaurants here that always catch the attraction of visitors. One could explore the uncharted territories by renting a boat, which is easily available at Jack’s Bait and Tackle. Further, there are a number of fairs also that are organised here throughout the year.

Unearthing NYC’s Secret Places That Are Sure To Appeal The Tourists

Man Play iBowling Ball

People are invariably attracted by the pulsating vibes in the NYC. They are attracted by the great skyline, which is perhaps the best in the world. However, this place has a lot more to offer as it is always teeming with culture, art, markets, and a great number of secret spots that offer a pleasant surprise to the visitors. The surprising aspect is that even locals are so much engrossed in their daily routine that they too might not have heard about or explored these scintillating spots. Here are these top quality secret spots that are sure to appeal the tourists.

City Hall Station

City Hall Station in NYC has been declared a ghost station, as reaching this station entails taking sharp curves on the way, which is not feasible for the train to do with heavy volume of commuters. This elegant station got built in 1904 and remained intact till the mid of 20th century. It is one of the most eye-catching spots with skylights, Guastavino tile vaults, as well as Romanesque Architecture. One could see the spot by enrolling in the tours organised by New York Transit Museum. Or, if one fails to get off the train at Brooklyn Bridge, then he might have the chance to see this spot, as the train reaches the spot in order to prepare to get back to the Downtown.

The Bowling Alley Located Under Henry C. Frick Collection Museum

Frick Collection Museum is among those museums that exhibit astonishing pieces of European Art. It is a great museum with whopping 16 galleries displaying astonishing pieces of art. However, the secret spot that is sure to exhilarate the tourists is the bowling alley that is hidden in the cellar of the mansion. This bowling alley got built in 1914 by Frick.

The New York Public Library Book Vault

This hidden spot is sure to be loved by book lovers. It is located beneath Bryant Park, and is attached to the unmistakable New York Public Library. One has access to rarest books here. However, this vault is opened to the general public for a limited amount of time in a year, and the operator of the library could certainly tell the people about the timings when it is going to remain opened.

High Bridge- Harlem

High Bridge in Harlem offers a stunning experience as one is able to see spectacular views of New York City. To get to the bridge one needs to get off at Washington Heights Station and go through Highbridge Park.

The Rooftop Gardens-Rockefeller Center

The Rockefeller Center is an iconic spot in NYC, since it is among one of the most beautiful skyscrapers in NYC. However, few people are aware of the rooftop garden of this building which offers a great respite from the crowded world. There is a garden, a reflective and well-maintained pool, and well-tended flowers.

The Whispering Spot-The Grand Central Terminal

Besides the regular commuters, there are a number of curious visitors who visit The Grand Central Terminal to visit the ‘whispering gallery,’ which allows people standing at far ends to communicate with each other by talking straight into the wall there. It is an acoustic trick, and a great thing to explore.

Exploring Topmost Markets In NYC That Tourists Must Visit

Young Woman Shopping

NYC is the commercial hub; so, expectedly the markets here are no less than Mecca that exhibit the great conglomeration of various styles. These markets not only have scintillating food streets and amazing eating opportunities but are also focal points representing great artwork by various talented artisans, artists, etc. Moreover, they are a true representation of New York’s culture and tradition. Visitors feel elated after coming here, since there is so much to explore. So, here are the topmost markets in NYC that are absolutely must for tourists to explore.


Smorgasburg attracts a sea of humanity as it has a dazzling array of attractive features. First off, tourists are invariably amazed to witness the breathtaking views of Manhattan from this bustling site, where people from all walks of life gather to amass some unforgettable memories. A normal lunch could leave a great positive impression on a person here; such are the electrifying vibes emanating from the place. It is located in Williamsburg, and is counted among the best places for getting quality food. Tourists come here to taste some of the trendiest flavours and foods of NYC.

Brooklyn Flea

Brooklyn Flea is a great spot that leaves great impressions on the visitors, simply because of the stunning variety of things that it has to offer, including clothing, vintage furniture, collectibles, and crafts, to name a few. There are items displayed here that are prepared by local artisans who excel in their art form. Tourists could always find the best antiques and vintage jewellery here. The whole atmosphere is overpowering, as music is also played at a number of stalls, which makes people completely relaxed and happy.

LIC Flea Market

Long Island City is a great spot to visit, as it represents a unique mix of Caribbean, Latin, and Asian cultures. All this makes LIC Flea Market one of the most sought after markets in NYC, as tourists not only love the variety but also like great vistas that they could experience from this spot. Moreover, special music is also played here, and a great variety of food vendors could also be seen everywhere.

Queens Night Market

Queens Night Market is the embodiment of unity in diversity, as one is able to witness an eclectic and vast mix of different cultures here. It has a great deal of food vendors that sell incredibly amazing food. Moreover, one could also see some exhilarating cultural performances here. People love the warmth of this place, which is the reason why the place has a great number of returning visitors.

Union Square Greenmarket

All those tourists who are looking to get the feel of the local culture and food here need to visit Union Square Greenmarket located at the Union Square, just towards the west side. It is a great site for picnicking as well, since one gets to eat a great variety of locally produces cheeses, wines, etc.

Chelsea Market

Chelsea Market is the tourists’ hub, since it is very attractive market. It is an indoor market that is open throughout the year. People are always fascinated by the great variety of choices they have here in terms of food, and other attractive artistic items.