Uncovering Little Known Mysterious And Intriguing Places Around NYC

View Of NYC

Tourists are always intrigued to find out something mysterious and exciting about the place that they are visiting. And, they are always regaled with some interesting tales that are told by locals there. NYC is one such place that never fails to catch the fancy of the visitors. They are always interested in knowing about the rich and dramatic history of NYC. And, in this regard, there are a number of places in NYC that are considered haunted by the locals. Of course, there are some attention-grabbing anecdotes associated with the places. Some of these places are included here.

NYU’s Brittany Hall

NYU’s Brittany Hall in Greenwich Village has always been a haunted place. The staff members, workers, and students have experienced something strange happening to them every now and then. For instance, the knock on the door at night, sudden flickering of light, and some mystifying sounds coming from the ceiling- all these things are quite common here. Moreover, there is always a feeling that one is being watched by others all the time.

One If By Land, Two If By Sea

This unmistakable spot in West Village has earned a niche for itself for providing such quality food to the visitors. However, visitors have always experienced something peculiar and inexplicable about this spot. Thankfully, they have always been engrossed with the mouth-watering dishes on offer; otherwise, they would have ended thinking about various strange things, like someone pulling off their earrings, along with the tales of the staff members who continuously complain of being taunted by something mysterious. The place was once owned by Aaron Burr, and his chequered past could certainly explain why people experience such strange things here. Well, the place is still exciting to visit for the daring people who love to embark upon daring and exciting adventures.

The Astor Room

The Astor Room in Astoria is a commissary that saw its inception in 1920. Hollywood film stars like Mary Pickford, Rudolph Valentino, W.C. Fields, etc. have always loved this cafeteria. However, along with other celebrities, they are also witness to some strange things happening here in the Astor Room. They won’t ever deny seeing a woman that has vintage cigarette holder in her hand and is roaming in the ladies’ bathroom. However, she disappears as soon as she is spotted. Also, there is another woman who is beautifully dressed in some historical clothing. She is also seen around the staircase. But, in reality, there is no woman here who behaves like this. So, famous spots of Hollywood film stars too are intriguing to explore if one wants to learn something more about this mystical world.

White House Tavern

This bar in West Village was very much liked by famous writers and artists including Jack Kerouac, Dylan Thomas, and Allen Ginsberg, to name a few. Locals always tell the visitors how Jack would drink uncontrollably there, and how he was to be driven out of the bar. Moreover, the authorities would write “Go Home Jack” on the walls near the urinals, so that Jack could somehow be persuaded to go home. To this day, one could see fresh signs of “Go Home Jack” being scribbled there. And, there is a consensus that these are written by some ghost.

Places In The Vicinity Of NYC That Are Worth Moving To

View Of Downtown Brooklyn

NYC is a great place to live; there are amazing options available with people to spend quality time here. However, some people are always looking for other options since they feel the place is a bit crowded. And, to their delight, there are a number of spots in the vicinity of NYC that are less populated, yet well-developed, and equipped with all sorts of modern facilities. So, here is a list of such places in the vicinity of NYC that people could consider moving to.

Downtown Brooklyn

Downtown Brooklyn is a promising place with plenty of new developments coming up here. There are a number of luxury buildings as well that are worth living in. Although it is an unassuming spot currently due to other famed neighbourhoods like DUMBO, Brooklyn Heights, and Fort Greene; still, the place is booming. There is provision for a dazzling array of luxury facilities as well; so, everyone considering moving to a place near NYC should always consider the option of moving to Downtown Brooklyn.

East Village           

East Village is another amazing spot to reside. People are friendly here, and moreover, the atmosphere of the place is electrifying as well. There are a number of cuisines and social options here as well, which ensure that tourists spend quality time here.


Greenpoint is a hit among people because of the tranquil atmosphere it has. However, having said this, there is no dearth of amazing bars, upcoming restaurants, flea markets, and the unmistakable Brooklyn Night Bazaar. The best part is that the place is easily accessible via NYC. There are a vast number of parks here as well. So, there are plenty of spots where people could actually go and rejuvenate themselves.

Fort Greene

Fort Greene is a great spot that enjoys a prime location. It is bordered by Atlantic Avenue and Brooklyn Navy Yard, and is tucked between Downtown Brooklyn and Clinton Hill. So, one couldn’t ask for more in terms of location of this place. Apart from this, there is a curious blend of traditional and modern culture here, since the place abounds in modern styled bars and restaurants, and at the same time, there is no dearth of people promoting their traditional culture.

South Williamsburg

South Williamsburg has a great location. Further, there is no dearth of clubs, restaurants, and bars here as well. People here lead a little bit quaint life; so, it is, in a way, intriguing and relaxing as well.

Crown Heights

Crown Heights is a bit far from NYC, but this acts as a positive for people since they could enjoy a peaceful atmosphere. People here lead a slow and relaxed life as well. However, there are certain spots that offer ultra-modern facilities. Similarly, there is Franklin Avenue here, which always attracts a sea of humanity.

Long Island City

Long Island City is a fascinating waterfront place that mesmerizes the tourists with its beauty. There is a huge rush of tourists and locals at Vernon Blvd, which is the hub of activity and is replete with restaurants and bars. One could find some innovative and attractive restaurants here like MoMA PS1, and M. Wells Steakhouse, to name a few.

Unravelling Top Class Spots In New York That Are A Must To Visit For Art Lovers


Art Pisces At Storm King Art Center

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People have always loved New York City for its magnetic charm. However, while most of the people are aware of its natural beauty, and availability of best facilities and infrastructure, the city is full of intriguing architectural sites that are a bonanza for art lovers. There is no dearth of day trips that take one to the incredible sites that are bedecked with unparalleled architecture and stunning artwork. People are always surprised to uncover such great exotic locations. Here are some of the top architectural spots in New York City that appeal the art lovers.

The Philip Johnson Glass House

The Philip Johnson Glass House is an ultimate piece of artwork by the talented and gifted artist Philip Johnson who created this amazing place in 1949. The structure has seen a lot of expansion since then, though, and now it has 14 structures including Da Monsta, Ghost House, and the famed Sculpture Gallery, which contains works created by Robert Rauschenberg and Frank Stella. There is yet another landscape installation here that is catching the fancy of people currently, and that is, Yayoi Kusama: Narcissus Garden, which provides thoroughly elevating experience to the tourists as they sit before a massive pond consisting of whopping 1300 floating and shiny steel balls and go into a trance.

Olana State Historic Site

Olana is a two hour drive from New York, and is an extraordinary piece of work created by the famous painter Frederic Church. Regarding the site, the famous architect Adam Rolston says, “The world he created in his home aesthetically captures all the exoticism of the first world travellers of the 19th century.” So, this statement speaks volumes about the theme of the hilltop estate which is spread in 250 acre. Moreover, the mansion provides breathtaking views of Catskill Mountains and Hudson River. Tourists are always overpowered after witnessing the panoramic views of the surroundings from the bell tower inside the Olana State Historic Site.

Parrish Art Museum

Located on a lush green meadow spanning 14 acres amidst breathtaking surroundings is this beautiful piece of art called Parrish Art Museum, which is flanked by Roy Lichtenstein installations and wildflowers. The structure along with its surrounding landscapes completely entrances the visitors. There is a whopping 2600 works of excellent American art that never fail to mesmerize the visitors. Moreover, there are other rotating shows that are held regularly here.

Omi International Arts Center

Omi International Arts Center is a perfect blend of architectural and natural elements, and is located 124 miles from New York City. People often visit this spot in order to immerse themselves in ‘DeWitt Godfrey’s’ steel hops.

Storm King Art Center

One feels completely blessed out on visiting this amazing spot spanning 500 acre of area in New Windsor. It is a great spot to visit for nature and art lovers since besides the soothing weather there are more than 100 architectural treasures spread across the woodlands, fields, and bikeable hills. These pieces of artwork straightaway appeal one’s aesthetic faculty and elevate them to the next higher level, since they simply stand in awe acknowledging the beautiful artwork on display.