New York’s Most Tempting And Irresistible Chinatown Restaurants

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New York is a place that witnesses the conglomeration of a number of cultures. People from various diverse backgrounds, having different traditions, customs, culture, languages, and eating habits live here, which makes this place very attractive. People from China too have made a mark for themselves in New York, and the Chinese food offered by the Chinatown Restaurants, concentrated mainly around the Mott Street in New York City, is simply amazing and appetizing. Moreover, the restaurants in Chinatown offer food from various other cuisines as well, including South American, Japanese, Mediterranean, etc. Here is a list of the most tempting and irresistible Chinatown restaurants in NYC.

Nom Wah Tea Parlor

Nom Wah Tea Parlor saw its inception in 1920 with the efforts of Choy family. It used to be famously known as a tea shop and a bakery selling legendary moon cakes and almond cookies. Moreover, the restaurant carved a niche for itself for selling delicious and fresh dim sum. The operations of the restaurant were passed on to one Wally Tang in 1950 by the Choy family, and fortunately, the restaurant has managed to serve the people of NYC without any break. Wally Tang made further improvements in the architecture and arrangement of the furniture in the restaurant, along with ensuring that dim sum was not cooked en masse, and rather, everyone was given a freshly prepared dim sum according to their order. So, this made the dish further appealing to the customers.

Oriental Garden

Oriental Garden is famous for offering high quality seafood, which is one of the prominent items in a Chinese menu. Besides the ostentatious decor of the dining-hall, which is brightly lit, the restaurant offers a wide range of seafood dishes including glazed prawns that are offered with broccoli, steamed whole fish, and clams galore, to name but a few. The dishes are exorbitantly priced as one needs to shell out as much as $68 shark’s fin soup bowl; however, the restaurant does offer lunch on weekdays at reasonable cost of just $7.99.

Xi’an Famous Foods

The restaurant is reminiscent of the cuisine popular in Xian, a large city in central China on the eastern end of the Silk Road.  It is a 40-seat restaurant and offers favourite Chinese food, including cumin-flavoured burgers and spicy burgers.


Dimes is famous for juxtaposing various sorts of cuisines every week in order to meet the varied demands of the people.  Delicious dishes adorn the colourful plates, in which one could find influences of Mediterranean region, Japan, and South America. The menu is such that it is going to tempt the most jaded palate. So, there is always a buzz of excitement over here as people gather to satiate their appetite.

New York Noodle Town

The restaurant has lived up to its expectations since its inception. People are always mesmerized after eating the lightly fried noodles that are angel-hair, and are served with roasted duck, pork, ribs, or chicken. Most of the people also like suckling pig offered in the restaurant. The signature flavours of Chinese cookery, that is, chives are elegantly sautéed with scallops, duck, squid or fish. The pungent smell of the chives wafting from the dishes is too tempting to resist.

Top Attractions In New York City Worth Adding To Your Travel Bucket List

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The Big Apple is a place of many sights and sounds suited for different ages. The sights and sounds are a mix of various attractions that include historical venues, parks and culture spots among others. Here is a quick breakdown of some of the top NYC attractions worth including on your list of things to do when visiting the Big Apple.

Times Square

Times Square is a place of many things. What once was a vice district is today one of the places frequented by tourists engaging in a bevy of activities. Majestic buildings with huge screen dot the area, and it is one of the tourist-clogged places in NYC, especially during New Year’s Eve.

Empire State Building

The building is an architectural marvel; it was constructed in just 11 months, in 1931, to stand at 1,454 feet. Much of the building is something of an artist masterpiece, much so, that even the lobby was restored to its original Art Deco design in 2009. Empire State Building is breathtaking to behold during the day and when lit up during the night.

Central Park

Its creators Calvert Vaux and Frederick Olmsted envision a place of beauty with scenic elements; today, Central Park where families can enjoy various cultural events and other activities such as boat rowing, picnicking, and ice-staking during winter.

Chrysler Building

With its triangle-shaped windows, the Chrysler building is arguably the most eye-popping piece of architecture in New York. It is one of the few buildings that brings back the golden years of the old NYC. The magic of the building is in its crown, especially when lit at the night.

The Statue Of Liberty

Lady Liberty stands tall in the middle of a mass of water. The statue is one of the iconic attractions in the city that received thousands of visitors every month. Tourists climb to the crown to have a panoramic view of New York City and the harbor.

Brooklyn Flea Market

The market has been around for five years now, and it is quickly become the go-to place for shopping for vintage items. Food vendors have also made their presence known in the market, catering to many hungry shoppers that frequent the market.

Madison Square Garden

It may lack the art deco that many other towering structures in New York have, but Madison Square Garden very famous. It is a sports arena known around the world. It is located above Penn Station and can host 20,000 seated guests. If you fancy watching a game, you can head to MSG to catch some ice hockey, boxing, wrestling, and basketball among others.

New York Historical Society Museum

The museum was founded in 1804 and is the oldest in NYC. It is the place to be if you want to learn more about the city from its yesteryears. Visitors can discover a thing of two that they did not know about New York during its former years. The museum’s collections include clothing, artifacts, theatrical pieces and other memorabilia.

The Classics That Tourists Rarely Miss Out On When In New York City

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As cliché as it may sound, the vibrancy and cultural diversity in New York are like no other in the world; you only need to visit NYC to this for a fact.  New York is called the Big Apple for a reason. It can easily have you spoilt for choice with is many attractions so you should plan your visit to ensure that you make the most of your short stay. With that said, here are some of the essential and quintessential things that New Yorkers never miss out on.

Central Park

Central is an iconic spot in New York; an enormous space with plenty of sights and sounds that make it a bit hard to figure out where to start. Many of the locals are familiar with what to do and where to go when visiting the park. For most tourists, especially those with a limited stay in the city, the best approach is to know the best place to visit when in the park. The Loeb Central Park Boathouse, the Strawberry Fields, the Conservatory Garden and the Great Lawn are just some of the top spots in the park.

The Metropolitan Museum Of Art

When it comes to fine art, the Metropolitan Museum of Art has the largest collection in the world. MET is a gigantic museum that is highly unlike for any new visitor to cover and see the entire collection on a day’s visit. Since the museum is huge, expect to do a lot of walking and standing thus wear comfortable shoes. The entry fee is only a suggest donation, which allows visitors to pay what they want.

Times Square

New Yorkers may not like spend long hours in Times Square because it has hordes of tourists on any given day. However, the locals still find time to pop in to enjoy some of the activities that take place in Times Square. One particular reason is the Broadway Shows. You can as well decide to visit just to mingle with the people and do a bit of shopping.

Rockefeller Center

The best way to view a marvelous city is from a high point. When in NYC, the best place to have such a view is at the observation deck at the Rockefeller Center. You can opt to visit during the day to seen the city or visit at night to see the city with is twinkling lights.

Take In The Big Landmarks.

It may not be easy to say that a particular landmark in the city is grander than another, they are all a treat for the eyes. NYC’s landmarks have always been a breathtaking sight for the locals, year in year out, and the same applies to visitors. Some of the notable landmarks in the city include the Empire State Building, Brooklyn Bridge, The Statue of Liberty, and the World Trade Center Memorial.

The West Village & SoHo

The West Village and SoHo are some of the best streets in New York to wander in when seeking to experience NYC’s neighborhoods. The two stand out because they have hip stores and charming joints where you can spend a few dollars while mixing with the locals.

Grand Central Terminal

While the busy New Yorkers frantically rush in and out of the terminal, the Grand Central Terminal is still a place worth visiting when in NY. It is a terminal with several restaurants and shops, not just a place to catch trains. The main concourse is a sure treat for the eyes when you look up to the ceiling and see the celestial mural.

Discover Life And Nature At The American Museum of Natural History In NYC

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The American Museum of Natural History is located in New York City and consists of 25 interconnected building spans across four city blocks. It was founded in 1869 and it is the world’s largest natural history museum. While it term “natural history” is used in reference to the study of animal life, the museum still operates on the original sense of the term, which was the study of all natural objects that includes animals, plants, and minerals.

Impressive And Captivating Exhibition

Though it is an institution that showcases the diversity of species on earth, the museum has several scientists who major in various field of study of the same.  The 25 interconnected buildings house over 40 exhibition halls that, in total, display over 32 million artifacts and specimens. The museum is always strives pulling in visitors and is keen on captivating, entertaining, and educating its guests.

Hence, it has several innovative ways of achieving its goal. For instance, it has navigation app that runs on iPhone and iPod Touch that visitors can use to get around the museum. Also, it has around 360 devices visitors can borrow to help them learn more during their visit. Furthermore, the exhibition program always changes to ensure the public get to see and learn about as much of the material in the museum as possible.

The Museums Plethora Of Exhibits

American Museum of Natural History is home to one of the most impressive collection of fossil vertebrates that gives guests a glimpse of the dinosaur age. The Apatosaurus and the Tyrannosaurus Rex are some of the star fossil attractions that also include the tallest free-standing dinosaur display, the Roosevelt rotunda. The dinosaur is put on display in a manner that reflects the present scientific theory about the behavior of this extinct animal.

In regards to the study of life, the museum has several halls, each depicting different people and animal species. For instance, the people covers the diversity of people on earth in the Hall of African People, the Hall of Asian People, the Hall of South American people, Margaret Mead Hall of Pacific People, the Hall of North, and the Spizter Hall of Human Origins. For the animals, the museum has the Hall of North American Mammals Hall of North American Birds, Hall of Reptiles and Amphibians, , and the Hall of African Mammals. The museum also has exhibitions of gems, minerals, and meteorites all on display in individual halls.

Education At The Museum

As mentioned, the American Museum of Natural History always strives to keep things refreshing and captivating. In its endeavors to live up to its goals, the museum has several programs and activities suited to inform and educate the public. Some of the main programs include:

Children’s Workshops – The workshops host participatory lessons of workshops during the weekends through the school year with schedules and learning aids changing seasonally. The workshops include a Whale’s Tail workshop designed for toddler and children under 5 years and the Human Origin workshop designed for children between 10 and 12 years.

Multicultural Programs – The programs feature an international roster of lectures, participatory workshops, performances, and film programs meant for a mature students and an older audience with a good attention spun.

Discovery Room – It is a special room in the museum designed for children aged 5 -9 years where they can engage in various hands-on learning activities. The children should always be accompanied by an adult.