Elegant Rooftop Dining as NYC’s Top Chic Restaurants

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New York City is home to several chic restaurants and the best of this have a rooftop section where guests are treated to a preeminent dining experience.  If you seek such an experience when in NYC, then consider visiting any of the following rooftop restaurants.

Gallow Green

Gallow Green in a restaurant that can double up as a delightful hideaway, a Secret Green Garden located above NYC streets. It offers a feeling of dining in an enchanted forest thanks to it’s an array of green plants. The menu is uniquely made to complement the setting and guests get to have a garden eat-out while getting serenaded by jazz music.

Juliette Restaurant

It started around ten years ago with the choice located being a neighborhood with pricey restaurants and it has still managed to maintain a steady flow of customers. One can say that is its quaint nature, but there is more to Juliette restaurant than what many people know. It is a French bistro that offers hand-cut steak tartare and crispy duck confit like no other in the city. The salads are excellent, and dessert may include something sticky but surprisingly delicious.


It may not be located next to a beach, but it surely does take one to the beach while still in 5th Ave. With its Italian theme setting that echoes a seaside restaurant, SABBIA is not just the place to enjoy the best of Italian cuisine in NYC, but also offer exquisite dining comforts thanks to its lounge chairs.

Penthouse 808

It is a restaurant that echoes a Miami feel within New York City. Located in the Ravel Hotel, this restaurant offers a great view of the city and a fabulous menu comprised of varied dishes. The restaurant’ Hawaiian skirt steak will take you to Miami, and the Japanese dishes such grilled seasonal veggies and a jumbo shrimp skewed on a real Japanese samurai sword brings a new meaning to authentic dining.

Graziella’s Restaurant

Of the many meals that make the tongue dance in the mouth, an Italian wood-fired pizza is among the foods worth a mention. And, Graziella’s Restaurant is the place to enjoy such pizza as well as other hearty meals such as meatball pies. The restaurant is located in Clinton Hill and offers a great view of Vanderbilt Ave.  If you are looking for a night of romance as you enjoy pasta and other Italian dishes, then go to Graziella’s.

Tavern 29

The first great thing about Tavern 29 is its happy hours that offer $5 meals. The second is its setting that makes for a very welcoming environment thanks to the communal tables and lit Edison bulbs hanging overhead. However, it is located between two tall building, and this makes the place a bit too warm during the summers. Nevertheless, Tavern 29 is an ideal location to go for lunch and enjoy a beer with Marine lobster rolls or swordfish BLT.

Salvation Taco

It is rare to come across a taco restaurant offering a rooftop dining experience, yet Salvation Taco has stepped up to be among the few that offer just that and more. The open terrace is lined with red-baked bricks and filled with various plants that give the courtyard and exquisite charm.  The menu includes a huge pig’s head tostado and other creative dishes, and though the prices may be a bit high, they are worth the price.

Top New York Restaurants That Offer Rooftop Dining Experience

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New York City has several rooftop restaurants where guests can enjoy a diversity of dining experience. From, lobster rolls to steak, tacos, and gourmet dishes, here are some of the top NYC restaurants that offer rooftop dining experience.

Penthouse 808

The Penthouse 808 is a piece of Miami in NYC. It is the house of late night parties with music served by various top DJs as guest sip on choice drinks. However, the wild side of the restaurant is just one of the reasons New Yorkers love the place. The other reason is the dining experience when the mood is more refined and with a mild tempo. Some of their star dishes include Hawaiian skirt steak and coconut curry bouillabaisse. Just be there early enough to enjoy the mellow mood and the savory bites before the restaurant turns into a wild party scene.

Gallow Green

Gallow Green is a rooftop restaurant offering an outdoor dining experience that takes guests to an enchanted forest. It menu includes dishes such as roasted porchetta, grilled corn, and charred octopus, smoked salmon, fried chicken, and roasted fingerling potatoes. Such meals are on offer in the form of a buffet at the price of $45. The restaurant is also famed for its inventive punches.

Tavern 29

Located in a 19th-century townhouse, Tavern 29 is an establishment where a person can have his or her fill at only $5; however, that price is only during its famous $5 happy hours. Its signature dishes include lobster rolls and swordfish BLT. Sports fans can catch a game at any of its big TVs, and those less interested can enjoy their meals while caressed by fine breezes, especially the night air.

SABBIA Flatiron

SABBIA Flatiron is an Italian restaurant with a breezy seaside setting located on Eataly’s rooftop giving guests an aerial view of 5th avenue below. It has comfortable reclining chairs in its lounge area where guest can mingle and get chatty as they enjoy some food and drinks. At night, the lit-up skyline gives life to the blanket of the dark. It can seem like one at the sea during the silence of the late hours of the night, which lasts only until a police siren passes breaking the silence.

Graziella’s Clinton Hill

It always is such a delight to pace across a pizza with burning warm warming the place as you can a breeze on the rooftop of some of Brooklyn’s restaurants. One such establishment is Graziella’s Clinton Hill where patrons are tried to pasta, crispy meatball pie, and other savory delights as the watch the various sights and sounds of the street below. Dessert includes various items with the restaurant’s signature item being a glass of port with some pistachio cheesecake.

Salvation Taco

Salvation Taco is one of the few establishments that are a surprise in regards to rooftop dining experiences. For starts, it is a taco joint, and such joints rarely have courtyards. Any, Salvation Taco has it, and it is a sublime opening with several plants, brick floor, and a fine dining setting. The menu consists of various items such as pigs head tostada and pastor tacos, and the prices are affordable.

Eating Out At Some Of NYC’s Best Rooftop Restaurants

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If you want to have an elevated dining experience, in the literal sense, then go and grab something to eat and drink at any of the rooftop restaurants. And here are some of the best of such establishments that are open to the public


At Alma, guests are treated to fancy regional Mexican cuisine. The restaurant has a casually welcoming atmosphere across is three floors that offer different dining experiences, but the top floor, which is a rooftop patio, is the most popular of the three.  Guests can enjoy an array of meals as they take in the beauty of the Manhattan skyline.

Gallow Green

How about some breakfast with a view of clouds streaking the horizon as the sun gleams on the West Side building? That is the setting you will get at the Gallow Green. It is a rooftop restaurant with small green plants with lights around them. Lunch or dinner there will definitely be an excellent option for some romantic moments.

Mr. Purple

Mr. Purple is on the 15th floor of Hotel Indigo.  It may be a place to go a grab a scrumptious bite, but it is famed for is drinks. If you love hitting bars to enjoy a drink with the boys as you munch on hotdogs or mac and cheese burgers, then this is the place to be. The star attraction is the two terraces where one has a panoramic outdoor space and a swimming pool on the other.

Salvation Taco

When you get to Salvation Taco, first place your order while in the ground floor dining room before heading up to the terrace on the 17th floor.  If you go straight to the patio all you probably find are drinks and appetizers; so start with making your dining choice from the to-go menu at the dining room.


If you are looking for a joint with an American feel but serves oversees dishes, then head to Riverpark. Enjoy seafood cooked in a creative way and other choice meats such as duck meat, quail, and other cuts. It has huge windows stretching from the floor to the ceiling giving an open view of the East River. The patio is also a nice place to sit and enjoy a meal in the open air.


The tiny tables, a somewhat overly noisy setting, rust-stippled mirrors, many make Juliette seem like a less welcoming establishment. But, it has beautiful diners a menu that includes a wine list with some top-notch brands, and some creatively done meals. The rooftop is a great way to escape the buzzy-setting and enjoy a meal in the open air.

The Top Of The Standard

The name says a lot about the establishment.  The Top of the Standard hotel is more of a steakhouse offering beverages such as tea and other drinks during the day and small servings off the menu during the evening. It has several terraces, one that offers a 360-degree view of the city, located on the 18th floor and another that has a glass floor giving a view of the street below.

An Interesting Introduction To The City Of New York

Night View Of New York City

Apart from being a shopping and dining haven, New York is also a powerful art center. Indeed, the city adorns itself in different hues and spreads a mesmerizing aura amongst its residents and visitors alike.

The Youthful Night

The city starts basking in grandeur as the sun sets over the Hudson and the night gets lit up by luminous skyscrapers. The legendary Broadway theaters are graced by famous actors while world-class musicians, dancers and soloists perform at small and large venues. New York is a mélange of low and high culture, with the Lincoln Center opera productions, Williamsburg dives rock shows, and more in between. There are lots of attractions including poetry readings, ballet, indie cinema, world music, burlesque, and so on.

Culinary Hub

New York can be called the breeding ground of locally sourced and seasonal cuisine, housing restaurants that have upstate farms or roof gardens growing vegetables or tie-ups with local sustainable outfits for sourcing seafood and meats. From cheese making and chocolate preparation to whiskey distilling and coffee roasting you will find everything here. Bars serve cocktails belonging to the pre-Prohibition-era, adding a new angle to creativity. The city has over 20,000 dine-in restaurants where one can enjoy traditional or gourmet food.

Blend Of Different Arts

The endless number of art-world icons is not limited to the Guggenheim, MoMA and Met. There are museums dedicated to different forms of art including New York City lore, Himalayan textiles, postmodern American painting, Japanese Sculpture, Lower East Side immigrant life, and lots more. To catch up with the recent and future greatest picks, the cutting-edge galleries of Lower East Side and Chelsea are a must visit, more so with their opening-night festival parties and lots of exhibition spaces.

Wandering The Urban Way

Given its compactness and streets filled with curio shops, atmospheric booksellers, Old World cafés and architectural treasures, New York City is one of the greatest delights for urban wanderers. After walking across some avenues in this packed up city, one is sure to get the feeling of crossing continents. Tourists can easily lose themselves amidst the Chinatown crowds, as they come across the vibrantly painted Buddhist temples, fragrant fishmongers and steaming noodle shops. It does not end here! One can also visit Nolita for checking out attractive boutiques while indulging in some coffee tasting along with other craft-minded people.

In each and every neighborhood, you will get a distinct version of the city, something that varies dramatically from the rest. From the Greenwich Village with its twisty cobblestone lanes to the Upper West Side Jewish delis of 100 years, there’s always something to enchant the traveler.

The best thing to love about New York is the city’s continual energy and the refreshing ambience created by the imaginative atmosphere of the concert halls and galleries, the culinary perfection of the restaurants, and more. Add to this the vibrant color of the neighborhoods, which are filled with a range of ethnicities and cultures. The art, the food, and the people blend together to form a city that is always lively with all its virtues.