Best hotels in New York

We all love New York, but we also know how difficult it can get to find a place to stay there while we go and visit. Hence, we bring you a list of hotels in New York that bring the best quality food, ensures you an amazing stay and also give you joyful services. You will want to come back here just for the luxurious feel that the hotels give you. The names of a bunch of hotels are as follows:

Hotel Elysee

The service here is top notch. It is like an oasis of charm. The ambiance is great and the services provided by the staff are worth every penny you pay. The food and the rooms are equally great.  Times Square and the Central Park are hardly a few steps away from this hotel. The management of this hotel is so amazing that most of its guests have visited this hotel more than twice.

The Pearl hotel

Just like its name, this hotel gives a special treatment to all its guests. The ambiance of the hotel is beautiful and homey. It is furnished fabulously and gives a relaxed feeling. The staff is friendly and at the top of their services. There is also plenty of choices available for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The staff also helps with the tourist attractions by not only helping with the directions but also in providing any other assistance that may be required.

Inn New York City

This hotel located in Upper Manhattan has a brownstone terrace. It has a lounge room that has been decorated in a quirky style.  The hotel is charming, comfortable, and will give your mood a happy touch. The street on which this hotel is located is quiet and hence, it also gives a peaceful environment to its guests.

Langham Palace

This hotel gives a very modern touch to its interior as well as its facilities. The location of this place is so amazing that the places worth visiting in NewYork are only a walking distance away. The staff will book taxis for you so that you can navigate the city, thus proving what an amazing staff they have. They have rooms that are very large in size and the facilities that they provide are worth coming here for the second time. This hotel never fails to disappoint its guests.

The New York Edition

The comfort level and the interior of this hotel are both exquisite and also give you the best feeling ever. This hotel pampers its guests a lot. There is fantastic and attractive artwork all through the lobby. There is also easy access to most of the attractions as well as restaurants in New York. The rooms here have amazing views and you will find all the facilities here. Moreover, the staff will win your hearts with their services and their effort of creating a cozy atmosphere for you.