Eating Out At Some Of NYC’s Best Rooftop Restaurants

View Of New York City

If you want to have an elevated dining experience, in the literal sense, then go and grab something to eat and drink at any of the rooftop restaurants. And here are some of the best of such establishments that are open to the public


At Alma, guests are treated to fancy regional Mexican cuisine. The restaurant has a casually welcoming atmosphere across is three floors that offer different dining experiences, but the top floor, which is a rooftop patio, is the most popular of the three.  Guests can enjoy an array of meals as they take in the beauty of the Manhattan skyline.

Gallow Green

How about some breakfast with a view of clouds streaking the horizon as the sun gleams on the West Side building? That is the setting you will get at the Gallow Green. It is a rooftop restaurant with small green plants with lights around them. Lunch or dinner there will definitely be an excellent option for some romantic moments.

Mr. Purple

Mr. Purple is on the 15th floor of Hotel Indigo.  It may be a place to go a grab a scrumptious bite, but it is famed for is drinks. If you love hitting bars to enjoy a drink with the boys as you munch on hotdogs or mac and cheese burgers, then this is the place to be. The star attraction is the two terraces where one has a panoramic outdoor space and a swimming pool on the other.

Salvation Taco

When you get to Salvation Taco, first place your order while in the ground floor dining room before heading up to the terrace on the 17th floor.  If you go straight to the patio all you probably find are drinks and appetizers; so start with making your dining choice from the to-go menu at the dining room.


If you are looking for a joint with an American feel but serves oversees dishes, then head to Riverpark. Enjoy seafood cooked in a creative way and other choice meats such as duck meat, quail, and other cuts. It has huge windows stretching from the floor to the ceiling giving an open view of the East River. The patio is also a nice place to sit and enjoy a meal in the open air.


The tiny tables, a somewhat overly noisy setting, rust-stippled mirrors, many make Juliette seem like a less welcoming establishment. But, it has beautiful diners a menu that includes a wine list with some top-notch brands, and some creatively done meals. The rooftop is a great way to escape the buzzy-setting and enjoy a meal in the open air.

The Top Of The Standard

The name says a lot about the establishment.  The Top of the Standard hotel is more of a steakhouse offering beverages such as tea and other drinks during the day and small servings off the menu during the evening. It has several terraces, one that offers a 360-degree view of the city, located on the 18th floor and another that has a glass floor giving a view of the street below.