New York City’s Compellingly Attractive Streets That Are A Delight To Eyes

Beautiful View Of New York City

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New York City is a bustling city as people are always in a hurry to reach to their destinations. Sometimes we are stuck in a traffic jams and sometimes the chaos simply worsen our mood; however, there are a number of positives in New York City that provoke one to love this place despite of the flaws that one experiences while living here. There are some compellingly attractive streets which offer pure delight to the visitors. People are straightaway attractive to the soothing beauty of the streets. Some of such alluring streets are included here.

Minetta Street In Greenwich Village

People are always surprised to locate this quaint and peaceful street amidst the hustle and bustle of the people roaming around. This street is an oasis for people as they experience a sense of calm and solitude while treading the street full of trees and admire the beautiful architecture of the 19th century here. There is a rich history of the place Minetta and people are always intrigued to find out more about the area. Moreover, the presence of some restaurants in the street offers the visitors a chance to sit, relax, and relish some beautiful works of literature in this ethereal atmosphere.

Washington Street

Washington Street is a world famous street as it offers a magnificent view of the Manhattan Bridge which is a delight to watch, especially at the sunset. One could also have glimpses of the iconic Empire State Building from in-between the iron legs of the bridge. The thrill of walking down the street and witnessing the images of two titanic buildings is unsurpassed.

Riverside Drive

The beauty of Riverside Drive has always fascinated the movie makers and directors as a number of movie scenes have been shot here. The natural beauty of the place along with townhouses and residential buildings built in granite and limestone offer great delight. People are mesmerized by the natural beautiful environment of this place.

Cranberry Street In Brooklyn Heights

Cranberry Street is among the streets in Brooklyn Heights that are named after the fruits, including Pineapple and Orange. It is a ridiculously charming street that is flanked by tall trees and has a number of colourful brownstones.

Convent Avenue In Harlem

Convent Avenue is a purely residential place that displays a unique and perfectly balanced combination of new and old architecture. One could locate historic and renowned homes here which are considered to be inhabited by Jimmy Rushing, Duke Ellington, to name a few. And at the same time, one could also find here the low-rise modern styled apartments.

Crosby Street In Soho

This cobblestoned street has always enchanted the elites who always spare some time to come and visit the posh bars, cafes, and boutiques here. The street is full of pre-war, bohemian architectural structures. The place is frequently visited by renowned personalities who couldn’t hold their temptation of experiencing the thrill of visiting this alluring street. The street always comes with a pleasant surprise for the visitors.

Guernsey Street In Greenpoint

Guernsey Street is flanked by locust trees and has all the elements that could elevate one’s aesthetic capabilities. The colourful houses in a row are different to the ubiquitous gray buildings in Manhattan. Moreover, the serenity of the place casts a magical spell on the visitors.

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