New York’s Amazingly Entrancing Hikes That Are Accessible Via Metro North

Man Posing Hiking

New York is a promising place that has got a number of places where one can breathe in fresh air and can feel relaxed and rejuvenated. And, the same is the case with the hiking trails; certainly, there is no dearth of hiking trails in NYC, and the best part is that these trails are easily accessible via metro. So, one simply needs to hop in a metro without any hassles and get off at a station to start their hiking adventure. On their hike they are sure to visit some natural historical landmark, or simply enjoy the serenity of a hideaway. So, here are some of the entrancing hikes in New York that are easily accessible to the people via Metro-North.

Arden Point

One needs to get off at Garrison station in order to embark upon the enchanting hike leading to Arden Point. There is a vast array of streams and waterfalls that one witnesses on their way. The 2.5 hour journey leaves one invigorated. The breathtaking imagery of the surroundings is simply surreal.

Sherwood Island State Park

Sherwood Island State Park epitomizes the best of the nature. This wide expanse spanning 234 acres is adorned with woodlands that are full of rich wildlife. Hikers get a great opportunity to connect with nature. They feel completely besotted by the beach walk that spans 1.5 km. Decidedly, there is no hiker who wants to miss the joy of experiencing this ultimate inwardly fun of hiking in this beautiful region.

Blue Mountain Reservation

Blue Mountain Reservation is the most loved spot of adventure loving people. They categorically list it among the most enjoyable hikes they have ever taken in their life. They seem to be right in their claims since the 1800 acre area is inundated with all sorts of challenging and adventurous hikes. One couldn’t forget the joy of traversing through the meandering trails to reach at the zenith of Blue Mountain. And, one simply needs to get off at Peekskill station in order to get access to this area.

Mianus River Gorge Preserve

Mianus River Gorge Preserve enjoys the distinction of being the first ever registered or enlisted ‘Natural History Landmark’; nonetheless, the place dons an unassuming appearance. The preserve spans in the area of 738 acre and has always been a hidden treasure, ready to stun the visitors with its pristine beauty and extensive wildlife, including unicorns, white-tailed deer, etc.

Old Croton Aqueduct

Old Croton Aqueduct is a 26 mile trail extending from quaint Tarrytown to serene Yonkers. One feels elevated after having navigated through this trail for they are sure to experience some breathtaking views of the Hudson River, or enjoy the quaint ambience of picturesque villages.

Appalachian Trail

Appalachian Trail is full of adventurous and exciting hikes. One could either tread the trails snaking through the valley to reach Cat Rocks at a distance of 7.2 miles and experience some scintillating views of Harlem Valley; or one could head toward the Pawling  Nature Preserve, and wonder through the wilderness with their mouth agape, and mind full of reverence and awe at the bounties of nature.

New York’s Finest Lounges Providing Thoroughly Rejuvenating Experience

View Of Lounge

New York is an amazing place to spend one’s time- the kind of food culture, cuisines, restaurants, nightlife, and lounges that it has are simply breathtaking. The lounges in New York are not only spacious but also offer some of the most beautiful panoramic views of the city. They are well-equipped with DJs, bars, and appealing menus that are enough to heighten one’s culinary experience, and provide people with the best time of their life.

PH-D Lounge

Penthouse at Dream Downtown (PH-D) is located at the top of the Dream Downtown. There are both indoor as well as outdoor lounges that have their own bars. Moreover, the view of the skyline is simply exhilarating from here. People are always mesmerized to witness the outer natural beauty while enjoying their favourite songs being played at the DJ booth.

The Garret East

The Garret East has become the first choice of the elites who are looking for a grand experience. The brick walls are whitewashed and the bar is completely made of steel. The availability of fireplace makes this place cosy and warm. Apart from this, the cocktail menu is excellent as well as there is a wide range of all sorts of innovative cocktails that are served in Boston Round bottles and glass flasks.

Mr. Purple

Hotel Indigo’s 15th floor dons a completely amazing look because of this rooftop lounge whose interior is marvellously decorated by reclaimed wood, metal, and concrete. Moreover, there are various free hanging lights that look very appealing, especially at night. The lounge has two terraces, one of which contains a bar, and a swimming pool, along with banquettes and chaise lounges. Food served here is equally invigorating as the place provides staples that are locally sourced from a wide range of sources including Russ And Daughters, Melt Bakery, Beecher’s Handmade Cheese, to name a few.

Le Bain

Le Bain is a posh penthouse rooftop atop The Standard Hotel that is completely covered with grass. The place is offers surreal views of New York City. Moreover, the DJs that perform here have a very high standing among the musical groups all over the country. So, the availability of first-rate facilities here along with unsurpassed infrastructure makes this place a highly revered place among the influential people.

Brandy Library

This Tribeca lounge abounds in things that provide utmost dining experience for a person. People yearn to return to this place for its excellent features like availability of leather bound books, stimulating fragrance of mahogany, and a wide assortment of brandy. There are exactly 100 classic and signature cocktails, beer, wine, and some exotic spirits that stun the visitors. Moreover, the menu also includes other equally enchanting things like foie gras that is Cognac-cured, delicious chocolate cake with charming molten centre that are instantly made available to the guests.

Angel’s Share

Angel’s Share is an unassuming place inside a superb Japanese restaurant just in the vicinity of the animated East Village restaurant. A person has ethereal experience here as they are served the best variety of whiskey here. An attractive thing about the place is the discipline and the strict code of conduct that is followed here. The staff members are extremely professional and the whole experience of spending time at this lounge is unique and memorable.

New York City’s Finest Restaurants For Best Lobster Rolls

Picture Of Lobster Rolls

New York City is a bustling place that is always teeming with tourists. The place has a number of eating joints where one could relish some amazing dishes from different cuisines. Lobster rolls are also found in abundance here, however, when it comes to restaurants that provide high quality lobster rolls then their number is definitely limited. So, here are some of the finest restaurants in NYC that have carved a niche for themselves when it comes to providing luscious and mouth-watering lobster rolls that offer extreme culinary delight.

Red Hook Lobster Pound

There is no foodie in NYC who wouldn’t know about Red Hook Lobster Pound restaurants. And, without an iota of doubt most of the foodies would already have tasted the amazing lobster rolls served here. The restaurant now has three different locations, along with a truck. Diners are transported to the other world after savouring the perfectly done lobster rolls of different kinds, including traditional Maine rolls and classical Connecticut rolls that are packed with fulsome quantity of knuckle meat and Maine claw, and are served along with a pickle, coleslaw, and salad of one’s choice. Moreover, the chefs are innovative as well as they provide the new lobster rolls including BLT roll that is served along with Applewood smoked bacon and chipotle mayo, or a turf roll that comes along with prime rib.

Cull And Pistol

Cull And Pistol is located in Chelsea Market and boasts of being the largest provider of seafood in NYC. It has exclusive steamed lobster counter, a raw bar, and an omakase bar. One is completely entranced by the heavenly taste of the hot Connecticut styled lobster rolls that are prepared from tail meat and claw, scallions, celery, mayo. Moreover, the traces of lemon on top of the grilled buttery bun along with the fries that are served along with the lobster roll are enough to completely spellbind a person.

Pearl Oyster Bar

Pearl Oyster Bar is inarguably the best eating place in West Village that has become the frequently visited place of elites who are looking for best dining experience. The lobster roll is heavily loaded. Moreover, the bun is also caked in mayo. Further, the shoestring fries that are served along with it are equally delicious.

Lobster Point

Lobster Point at Greenpoint has become a landmark for the people because of the wide variety of succulent lobster rolls that it has to offer. One could eat a classical New England styled lobster roll that is cold and is served along with herb mayo and celery. Then, there is the Connecticut variety as well that is served warm along with butter.

ED’s Lobster Bar

The man behind the creation of ED’s Lobster Bar is none other than Ed McFarland who used to work at Pearl earlier. He grew motivated by working there and decided to come up with his own eating joint. He offers similar kinds of lobster rolls as Pearl’s except that the quantity of mayo is limited here. Apart from this the roll is buttery and well-roasted and the crispy fries that accompany the rolls are irresistible as well.

New York City’s Compellingly Attractive Streets That Are A Delight To Eyes

Beautiful View Of New York City

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New York City is a bustling city as people are always in a hurry to reach to their destinations. Sometimes we are stuck in a traffic jams and sometimes the chaos simply worsen our mood; however, there are a number of positives in New York City that provoke one to love this place despite of the flaws that one experiences while living here. There are some compellingly attractive streets which offer pure delight to the visitors. People are straightaway attractive to the soothing beauty of the streets. Some of such alluring streets are included here.

Minetta Street In Greenwich Village

People are always surprised to locate this quaint and peaceful street amidst the hustle and bustle of the people roaming around. This street is an oasis for people as they experience a sense of calm and solitude while treading the street full of trees and admire the beautiful architecture of the 19th century here. There is a rich history of the place Minetta and people are always intrigued to find out more about the area. Moreover, the presence of some restaurants in the street offers the visitors a chance to sit, relax, and relish some beautiful works of literature in this ethereal atmosphere.

Washington Street

Washington Street is a world famous street as it offers a magnificent view of the Manhattan Bridge which is a delight to watch, especially at the sunset. One could also have glimpses of the iconic Empire State Building from in-between the iron legs of the bridge. The thrill of walking down the street and witnessing the images of two titanic buildings is unsurpassed.

Riverside Drive

The beauty of Riverside Drive has always fascinated the movie makers and directors as a number of movie scenes have been shot here. The natural beauty of the place along with townhouses and residential buildings built in granite and limestone offer great delight. People are mesmerized by the natural beautiful environment of this place.

Cranberry Street In Brooklyn Heights

Cranberry Street is among the streets in Brooklyn Heights that are named after the fruits, including Pineapple and Orange. It is a ridiculously charming street that is flanked by tall trees and has a number of colourful brownstones.

Convent Avenue In Harlem

Convent Avenue is a purely residential place that displays a unique and perfectly balanced combination of new and old architecture. One could locate historic and renowned homes here which are considered to be inhabited by Jimmy Rushing, Duke Ellington, to name a few. And at the same time, one could also find here the low-rise modern styled apartments.

Crosby Street In Soho

This cobblestoned street has always enchanted the elites who always spare some time to come and visit the posh bars, cafes, and boutiques here. The street is full of pre-war, bohemian architectural structures. The place is frequently visited by renowned personalities who couldn’t hold their temptation of experiencing the thrill of visiting this alluring street. The street always comes with a pleasant surprise for the visitors.

Guernsey Street In Greenpoint

Guernsey Street is flanked by locust trees and has all the elements that could elevate one’s aesthetic capabilities. The colourful houses in a row are different to the ubiquitous gray buildings in Manhattan. Moreover, the serenity of the place casts a magical spell on the visitors.

Five New York City Restaurants That Heighten Culinary Delights

People Enjoying Their Meal

New York City is one of the vibrant places in the US. And, the most element of the place is the appetizing food it has to offer to the visitors. People are often amazed by the variety of food options available in NYC. Moreover, what is even more intriguing is the delicious taste of the food that heightens the culinary delights. So, here is a list of five of the many New York City restaurants that simply stun the visitors.

Round K Cafe

Round K Cafe located at 99 Allen St. excels in providing unique variety of food items to the visitors. In fact, the place has always been a hit among the foodies for the delicious items it has to offer. People are intrigued by the delectable smell wafting from the food items. The home-roasted coffee and pastries are hit among the people. Moreover, its latest inclusion is the cake that is called ‘Raindrop Cake’. The cake is very popular and it appears like a huge raindrop. It is actually very similar in taste to conventional mochi called Mizu Shingen Mochi.


The seemingly unassuming place located at 206 Ave A is one of the most unusual places that one could visit. This bizarre yet appealing restaurant attracts the tourists as soon as they are able to locate it. Yes, locating the restaurant can be really tough for the first timers since it has a ‘secret entrance’. However, this feature doesn’t affect the quality of food offered at the restaurant. This can be gauged from the number of people who have to invariably leave the place because of the rush. Moreover, the seating capacity is kept to 20 in order to maintain the queer characteristics of the place may be. But, the dining experience can be unusual and attractive.

Perla Cafe

Perla Cafe has found its new location at 234 W 4th St. First timers might be wary of the new location of the restaurant, however, the return visitors know exactly what quality this Italian eatery maintains. They know how heavenly it feels like to be munching gnocchi that is served along with ricotta and spicy tomato. Or, how fettucine all’ amatriciana can transport them to the other world. Moreover, the availability of a variety of wines is another plus factor of dining here.

Prime Meats

Prime Meats located at 465 Court St. in Brooklyn is one of those farm-to-table restaurants that have never failed to meet the expectations of the visitors. The organic produce is imported from none other than Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative, and the meat that it procures is also prepared from livestock that are naturally raised. The companies providing it meat include Spitler and DeBragga. It focuses upon the German cuisine and offers the authentic taste of the cuisine to its diners.

La Sirena

La Sirena at 88 9th Ave is a famed restaurant because of the popularity of its chefs Joe Bastianich and Mario Batali, who are the owners of this restaurant as well. People are captivated by its Italian decor. Moreover, the upscale menu is also a hit among the elites. Some of the yummiest dishes of the restaurant are the sebadas which is a pastry prepared by combining fried dough, cheese prepared from sheep’s milk, and honey.

New York’s Topmost Spots Serving The Delicious Ice Creams

Couple Enjoying Ice Cream

New Yorkers are accustomed to winters, and when the summers come they start preparing their mind to somehow devise ways to bear it. However, there are many ways to beat the heat, and there are many reasons that could motivate a person to enjoy the summers rather than simply think about letting the days pass. And, one of them is to visit the blissful places in New York that are going to make one experience the different shades of summers. The places that serve the most delicious ice creams that are going to make the summers invigorating and engrossing. One is going to relish these beautiful spots in New York that serve the best ice creams, and crave to visit the places again and again, as soon as the summers arrive.

Milk Bar

Even food snobs approve of the standard and quality of the ice-creams served at Milk Bar that is located on 251 East 13 St. Though the place is unassuming, still it has a number of returning visitors who want to re-experience that magical moment of putting the scoop of appetizing serving flawlessly prepared ice cream made from cereal milk.

Ample Hills

Ample Hills located in the tranquil Gowanus area at 305 Nevins St. might seem far away from the city; however, the mind-boggling taste of ice-creams is enough to provoke the people to list down this place in their itinerary. The flavours of ice-cream are specific to New York as the place serves flavours like “It Came From Gowanus”, and “Hell’s Kitchen Sink” which have become its speciality. Not only this, there are combinations of various classic ice-creams too that never fail to meet the expectations of the tourists.

Chinatown Ice Cream Factory

This staple at 65 Bayard St. is a well-known place among the foodies. Since 28 years the place has mesmerized the visitors with the divine taste of its ice-creams. One doesn’t feel guilty of eating excessive calories here since they are ready to run to burn what’s in excess but they are never ready to hold their temptation by seeing the mouth-watering treats of traditional and authentic Chinese culture here. The flavours like Mango, Green Tea, Black Sesame are the hot favourites among the visitors. Moreover, Original Chinatown is always striving hard to bring the latest flavours to its people as well. It is this variety of flavours that one could taste here that offers people a refreshing experience every time they visit the place.

Big Gay Ice Cream

There is no place in the world other than Big Gay Ice Cream located at 61 Gove St. in West Village that could attract a visitor from a distance by the magic of its soft-serve cone! Well, that’s true as the place has carved a niche for itself when it comes to serving incredibly creamy ice cream that is served along with dulce de leche delicious topping. The classic combinations served at the place include Salty Pimp, Bea Arthur, and not to forget the “Strawberry Dirty Banana Milkshake.” The place gives tourists a thousand and one reasons to cherish the summers, and incites them to visit the place the moment they feel the heat of the sun.

Restaurants In New York Serving Appetizing And Authentic Chinese Food

People Are Enjoying Their Meal

New York is always bustling with energy as people flock in various areas to enjoy themselves. And, to corroborate their frolics are the beautiful Chinese restaurants which could be found almost in every block in the city beautiful. These restaurants are very popular among the locals; however, there are just a few of them that specialize in providing the authentic Chinese taste to people. These restaurants strive hard to ensure that they bring the most genuine taste right from China. The chefs are experienced, and the ingredients are imported from China as well. Some of these restaurants maintaining Chinese authentic taste are included here.

Nan Xiang Dumpling House

Most of the people in US will bet that dim sums are the traditional dish to be taken in the breakfast by the Chinese, and so, they are accustomed to see dim sums being served in virtually every restaurant in NYC. However, they are simply following the Cantonese tradition as the restaurant that served the authentic Shanghainese breakfast is none other than Nan Xiang Dumpling House. Here, you will find the fried dough sticks that are dipped in bowls and are served with home prepared hot soymilk. Just the thoughts about this dish would compel one to dash into the restaurant. The restaurant also excels in serving soup dumplings, or the Xiao long bao, as they call it.

Lucky Eight

As soon as you head towards Brooklyn you couldn’t resist your temptation of visiting Lucky Eight in order to taste the heavenly roasted pork and duck transport you to the other world. You just need to visit the restaurant once and the next time you will be overpowered to visit it to taste luscious chicken that is served along with bitter melon.

Grand Sichuan

Grand Sichuan has amassed reverence from a number of people of NYC over a period of time, who have made it a point to get lunches only from here. Such is the aromatic magic of the place that the restaurant has a large number of repeat visitors to this place. Some of the dishes which adorn the menu of the restaurant include Chong Qing, the most adorable spicy chicken. Then, there is the minced pork that is served along with green beans that are dried sautéed. Of course, there is one shredded duck that you get along with spring ginger.

Lan Sheng

Lan Sheng is the most loved place for the sea-food lovers. One could satiate their desire of eating exotic seafood here, including even eel! Moreover, frog is also served here and it is served spicy and hot. Then, there is the pork bone soup as well that never fails to meet up the expectations of the people. This soup abounds in collagen that is beneficial for retaining the plumpness of the skin.

Golden Unicorn

Most of the people are willing to do away with their early morning sleep just to make it to Golden Unicorn and taste its beautiful dim sums that are served along with the scrumptious Bekki. Some of the other authentic Chinese dishes of the restaurant include pork spareribs, char siu bao, to name but a few.

Unveiling The Wonders Of Manhattan’s Glorious Chinatown

View Of Columbus Park

Victoria Lipov /

Manhattan is a beautiful spot in New York City that attracts millions of visitors worldwide. There are thousands of attractions here, and indisputably Chinatown is among the most appealing destinations for the locals as well as the tourists. Large population of Chinese immigrants here has ultimately led to the formation of the glorious Chinatown, which never fails to mesmerize the visitors with its beauty. There are all sorts of exotic wares and restaurants offering authentic Chinese cuisine. People are palpably excited to roam around the bustling narrow streets of Chinatown. Though even roaming around the streets offers great fun, still there are some hot favourite destinations among the tourists which are included here.

Museum Of Chinese

Designed by Maya Lin, this museum has become one of the prominent attractions of Chinatown, drawing flocks of tourists. They are left awestruck by the beautiful photographs and floating projections depicting the Chinese culture. Moreover, one could discover about the history of China, including the Chinese Exclusion Act, and Bruce Lee’s influence on the country, to name a few. There is no charge for entering the museum and one could stay there till 9 p.m.

Aji Ichiban

Commonly called Munchies Paradise, the place has come to be regarded as one of the prominent places to locate the best Asian snacks and candies. The candies are placed in clear bins which enables the visitors to have a clear look at the appearance of the candies. Moreover, one could taste things as well before buying them, and at the top of all this, one is not bound to buy the whole packet of sweets and could buy just a handful instead. So, all these things attract a lot of tourists to the place.

New Kam Man

One is straightaway enchanted by the expansive three stories of this grocery store that contains a plethora of items from a variety of regions all over the world. For instance, one could find a number of Japanese water boilers, Chinese porcelain, and all sorts of housewares. There is a place that serves roasted meats where one could have duck and pork that are chopped to one’s order. One could find all sorts of medicinal herbs as well at this place, and moreover, people who are fanatic about their looks never leave the third floor of the store as they find a wide variety of beauty supplies there.

Mahayana Buddhist Temple

Mahayana Buddhist Temple contains an astonishing golden Buddha that is 16 foot high. There is an expansive area here where people could sit, meditate and contemplate. Apart from that there is a gift shop as well at the second floor where people could simply acknowledge the artwork of crafted and gifted artists.

Columbus Park

Columbus Park is a happening place where one could learn a great deal about the Chinese culture. There are all sorts of people doing a variety of things there. There are performers of Chinese-operas, then there are residents engrossed in playing cards and mah-jongg, and then, there are folks practicing the skills of Kung Fu. Moreover, there are a lot of Chinese children there who enjoy playing various sorts of games like volleyball, soccer, and basketball in the Astroturf field.

Astonishing Places To Visit In Tranquil Thousand Islands, New York

Picture Of Boldt Castle

With more than 1000 islands, Thousand Islands New York provides the befitting atmosphere to the tourists to take a break from hectic city life. The islands are spread in the vicinity of St. Lawrence River in Lake Ontario and also along the border of Canada. People are astonished to witness the soothing aura of the place, along with discovering its rich history. Some of the places in Thousand Islands, New York that are a treat to visit are included here.

Thousand Islands Winery

People visiting Thousand Islands Winery always find it refreshing and interesting to get a chance to taste various sorts of wine for free. The regular visitors to the Thousand Islands Winery could experience the temptation of getting into the winery as soon as they arrive at the Collins Landing. The winery is just in the vicinity of this area, and its exact location is between Alexandria Bay and Clayton. So,  one could avail the opportunity of tasting a wide assortment of wines including Riesling, the Niagara, North Country Red, to name but a few.

Minna Anthony Common Nature Center

Located in the State Park in Wellesley Island, Minna Anthony Common Nature Center hypnotizes the visitors when they stroll along its three mile long shoreline. Moreover, the wooded wetlands further add to the beauty of the park and make the atmosphere completely surreal. One is immersed in the natural beauty of the nature. Moreover, there is a museum as well which enhances visitors’ knowledge regarding the native plants, flowers, and wildlife of the region, along with the rich history of the park.

Boldt Castle

Owned and managed by Thousand Islands Bridge Authority, the place is always among the top choices of the people who are excited to pay a visit to the historic and intriguing houses in the US. The atmosphere is supernatural on a sunny day, when one could witness the nature’s beauty along with the beauty of the art exhibited by the decor, furnishings, and the architecture of the Boldt Castle. Visitors are equally enchanted to visit the Boldt Yacht House that is on the Wellesley Island. They are particularly affected by the serenity of the place.

Thousand Islands Bridge

Thousand Islands Bridge is also one of the most attractive places in Thousand Islands, since it offers the visitors amazingly attractive and appealing scenes of nature. Since its inception in 1938, the bridge has never failed to attract thousands of tourists each year, as they come here to ease the pressure from work. Paved sidewalk is also constructed towards bridge’s west side, and one could also drive till the Welcome Center and park their vehicle there.

Coyote Moon Vineyards

People who are enthusiastic and inquisitive about learning the art and skills of grape harvesting along with wine-making always pay a visit here. It is family owned and offers people free access to the wine-making areas. The most popular wines produced at Coyote Moon Vineyards include Marquette, La Crescent, Frontenac Gris, Frontenac, etc. Also, visitors have the liberty of tasting different types of wine, provided they are intending to make a purchase from the store in the mall.

New York’s Most Tempting And Irresistible Chinatown Restaurants

View Of China Environment

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New York is a place that witnesses the conglomeration of a number of cultures. People from various diverse backgrounds, having different traditions, customs, culture, languages, and eating habits live here, which makes this place very attractive. People from China too have made a mark for themselves in New York, and the Chinese food offered by the Chinatown Restaurants, concentrated mainly around the Mott Street in New York City, is simply amazing and appetizing. Moreover, the restaurants in Chinatown offer food from various other cuisines as well, including South American, Japanese, Mediterranean, etc. Here is a list of the most tempting and irresistible Chinatown restaurants in NYC.

Nom Wah Tea Parlor

Nom Wah Tea Parlor saw its inception in 1920 with the efforts of Choy family. It used to be famously known as a tea shop and a bakery selling legendary moon cakes and almond cookies. Moreover, the restaurant carved a niche for itself for selling delicious and fresh dim sum. The operations of the restaurant were passed on to one Wally Tang in 1950 by the Choy family, and fortunately, the restaurant has managed to serve the people of NYC without any break. Wally Tang made further improvements in the architecture and arrangement of the furniture in the restaurant, along with ensuring that dim sum was not cooked en masse, and rather, everyone was given a freshly prepared dim sum according to their order. So, this made the dish further appealing to the customers.

Oriental Garden

Oriental Garden is famous for offering high quality seafood, which is one of the prominent items in a Chinese menu. Besides the ostentatious decor of the dining-hall, which is brightly lit, the restaurant offers a wide range of seafood dishes including glazed prawns that are offered with broccoli, steamed whole fish, and clams galore, to name but a few. The dishes are exorbitantly priced as one needs to shell out as much as $68 shark’s fin soup bowl; however, the restaurant does offer lunch on weekdays at reasonable cost of just $7.99.

Xi’an Famous Foods

The restaurant is reminiscent of the cuisine popular in Xian, a large city in central China on the eastern end of the Silk Road.  It is a 40-seat restaurant and offers favourite Chinese food, including cumin-flavoured burgers and spicy burgers.


Dimes is famous for juxtaposing various sorts of cuisines every week in order to meet the varied demands of the people.  Delicious dishes adorn the colourful plates, in which one could find influences of Mediterranean region, Japan, and South America. The menu is such that it is going to tempt the most jaded palate. So, there is always a buzz of excitement over here as people gather to satiate their appetite.

New York Noodle Town

The restaurant has lived up to its expectations since its inception. People are always mesmerized after eating the lightly fried noodles that are angel-hair, and are served with roasted duck, pork, ribs, or chicken. Most of the people also like suckling pig offered in the restaurant. The signature flavours of Chinese cookery, that is, chives are elegantly sautéed with scallops, duck, squid or fish. The pungent smell of the chives wafting from the dishes is too tempting to resist.